Chugger Pump

All versions in stock including 230volt.

tnchuggersscenter tnchuggerssinline tnchuggerpoly 

The addition of the full line of Chugger Pumps and accessories rounds out our offering of water and wort flow related items so you don't have to piece together your brewery from as many vendors. The Chugger stainless steel headed pumps represents the first affordable pump designed specifically for homebrewers. Get stainless for the competition's polysulfone price. They all come with the mounting base plate and cord/plug. 



Chugger SS Heads

tnchuggerheadsModel: ChuggerHead - $50+ Both in stock now.

In addition of the full line of Chugger Pumps, we also offer the two stainless pump heads as replacement/retrofit items. These are fully functional heads that will bolt directly on to any chugger motor housing and March 809s providing an inexpensive means to turn a plastic pump into stainless.


Add-a-Pump Kit

Model: Addapump All version now in stock

tnaddapumpSeveral people expressed interest in a kit that would include all the parts you'd need to integrate a pump into an existing gravity drain type brewery. Of course, there are plenty of potential configurations we haven't considered in this kit, but it has the basics. If you want to build something custom, pick and choose your components around the site and leave this one-clicky ordering to those who asked for it.


Pump Connection Kit

Model: PumpConnect  $81

tnaddapumpSince introducing the Add A Pump kit, several customers asked for a similar connectivity kit option for those who already purchased the pump elsewhere (TRAITORS!! haha). This item does NOT include the pump itself. Several options are available depending on what pump you have and how flexible of a connection you need.