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Chugger Pump 115/230v TEFC Mini-Max Stainless Center Pump (TCPSS-CI)
Chugger Pump 115/230v TEFC Mini-Max Stainless Center Pump (TCPSS-CI)

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The Chugger stainless steel headed pump represents the first affordable pump designed specifically for homebrewers.

This specific model is the dual voltage 115/230 volt stainless steel head with inline head.

The mini-max TCPSS-CI model pump uses a totally enclosed fan cooled 1/8th HP motor with a built in on/off switch. The motor runs more quietly than the open housing style motors and they are also more splash resistant. However, they are NOT sealed well enough for brewery wash down applications.
Rated for up to 250 degree F liquid temperatures.

Some notes on using mag drive pumps:

These are not self priming pumps. The pump head must be flooded with liquid prior to turning the pump on. The easiest way to do this is to let liquid fill the inlet hose prior to connecting it to the pump. If the pump squeels or makes loud noises, shut it down and make sure the head is full of liquid.

If you wish to regulate the flow rate, it must be done on the output side of the pump (and we do recommend putting a valve on the outlet).

Use teflon tape on all threaded connections and be very careful not to cross thread when applying metal fittings to the polysulfone heads. Stripping or cross-threading the polysulfone or galling the threads on the stainless head is not covered under warranty.

Orientation: We get a lot of questions regarding the best way to mount and connect hoses to these pumps. First, we recommend mounting the pumps so the outlet faces horizontally to the right. If this is not possible, the next best orientation is output facing up. The other two options will get air trapped in the pump head and cause priming issues.

Connections: The options are nearly endless given the pipe thread input and output ports. You can hard plumb the system with stainless or copper tubing or use flexible hoses. We use silicone tubing with 100% camlock disconnects on everything for flexibility in connectivity and easy breakdown for cleaning. By far the most important thing is to use high flow, non-restrictive components with the least number of elbows as possible on the input side. (the camlocks, valve, and barbs are available on this website in other sections):
If the task of selecting plumbing components is a little overwhelming, we recommend checking out our pump connection kits which takes the guesswork out of it.

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