Hi, this is our new and (hopefully) improved website. We understand that repeat visitors may be a bit alarmed by change, but we've added a lot more items and site functionality that will hopefully make for a better experience long term. We'll be able to sell and manage our own gift certificates, store credits, and discount specials/coupons moving forward. You'll also be able to log in to your own account on the site to be able to see past orders, etc. Keep in mind that if you've ordered on the older site, those transactions will not be seen in the new accounts.

Please spend some time poking around the site for a bit and let us know what you think. For one thing, you'll notice that we've drastically augmented our equipment selection. While has always been focused on innovative original designs, we finally got around to stocking some of the more traditional brewing equipment like auto-siphons, hydrometers, etc.

What's that? An ingredients section? You bet! To coincide with our retail shop opening, we decided to throw caution to the wind and allow immediate online ordering of everything we stock. The benefit to our customers is that we can finally be a one stop shop for your brewing equipment and ingredients needs. Even if you already have your favorite local shop, you have to admit throwing a few packs of dry yeast on the order is pretty convenient! At a glance, we carry Crisp, Weyermann, and Briess grain, Wyeast liquid yeasts and all brands of dry beer, wine and cider yeast. Our stock may be initially limited as we figure out demand, but we'll get it figured out if you're willing to be patient with us.

Notice: General Stock Info! We got a LOT of our stock back in that we were waiting for. Here are some remaining items that are still out of stock and an approximate ETA; 5500 Ripple element and 2000watt April 15th. HotRod Heastick hardware and 2" Hot Pot Enclosures April 22.

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This 10 gallon mash tun is ready to go right out of the box. It can be used for 5 or 10 gallon all grain batch brewing. It can be used with the batch sparging OR contiuous "fly" sparge technique.
We start with a typical 10 gallon Igloo Beverage cooler, but the conversion parts we add to it are anything but typical.
K-WL-3 - Three port kit gets you a way to drain the vessel, measure the
temperature, and view the exact amount of liquid volume currently in the
This specific unit features an enclosure with a 1.5" TC (triclover)
flange. It assumes you want to use silver bearing solder to attach the
included 1.5" TC radius face flange to your vessel.
For efficient dissolving of oxygen in wort or CO2 in beer
HotRod Heat Stick Hardware
Our Price: $55.00

CoolerMashFB1 Hotrod Heat Stick 5500 watt, 240 volt, RIPPLE shape All Stainless Heating Element 1500w, 120v All Stainless Heating Element