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We love custom work here at BrewHardware.com and regularly build full systems based on any of the kettles we sell. We've created standard labor charge items to make it easy to add to the cart. If you have any questions, let us know and we'll advise you how to create the order or we'll do it for you as a quote.*
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Labor Charge - HotRod or HotPod ETC Prewire Labor Charge - Drill Hole and Install Weldless Component Labor Charge - Hey can you just do this one small weld?
Prewiring Labor Charge Labor Charge
Labor Charge - Misc System Reconfiguration 15 Minutes Labor - TIG Weld and Polish 1.5" or 2" TC Ferrule Add A Weldless Drain Bulkhead and Valve with Labor
Labor Charge Labor Charge Add a drain valve with labor charge
Labor Charge - 30mins Draft Install or Repairs, Customer site Add TC Ports to any pump or SS CFC chiller Labor - TIG Weld 3" or 4" TC Ferrule
Labor Charge Upgrade your pump with soldered TC ports
Labor Charge
Custom jobs in excess of $500 total will require a 10% deposit before we start work. We will quote lead time and charge the rest of the cost on the day of shipping or pickup. If the payment fails for some reason, or the customer fails to pick materials up when the job is complete, we will store the items for up to one week post completion for no charge. After that, we charge a $5 per day non-refundable storage fee until the deposit runs out. If the work included any customer provided items to be modified, those items are considered abandoned after 1 month of storage.