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This is a temporary link to be used only if you received a BrewHardware.com Gift Certificate prior to November 5th, 2014.

AGAIN, please only use this page if you have an OLD Gift Certificate with a redemption code of 16 characters.

Here's how this is going to work. Use the Add to Cart button below and when you get to the cart, change the quantity to the exact dollar amount that your old gift certificate is for. Then check out through Paypal. During checkout, look carefully for the text link that says "use a gift certificate". During this process you will paste or type in the 16 digit code.

Please be aware that the shopping cart you will arrive at is completely separate from our new site. This process is simply to unlock the funds within our old paypal account. As soon as you check out, send us an email and we will create a new gift certificate code that can be used on our new website. If you remember, please copy and paste the transaction ID or Receipt ID that Paypal generates so that we can easily find the transaction.

We know this extra step is an inconvenience but we didn't know that the old codes would not work with our new site until after we converted over.