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This is just a spot to showcase some of the custom work we've done over the years. If you've got something on your mind, let us quote it. We have a pile of stainless shapes and sheet along with a plasma cutter and TIG welding machine. We also have the tricks to keep your stainless shiny and sanitary unlike backyard and mechanic type welders.

This is an example of a male camlock QD welded to the end of 1/2" OD SS tubing. We typically put the weld bead at the very end of the tubing where it meets the sealing face of the camlock profile making an extremely smooth and sanitary joint with no voids.
We can make perforated false bottoms in just about any diameter with appropriately sturdy built in supports. This example was going into a bottom drained tank so there was no need for diptubes or large holes. This one also got a bonded silicone sweeper gasket around the perimeter.
We installed this 50ft x 1/2" Stainless cooling coiling into the lid of a 2 barrel tank being re-purposed as a fermenter. The job included drilling holes in the lid for a pair of welded in compression fittings.
This is a closeup of the compression fitting weld on the underside of the lid in the project above.
A HERMS coil is installed by welding in our press fit or "pull through" compression bulkheads.
This is a shot of the same HERMS coil install as seen above but on the outside of the kettle. 1.5" TC flanges are welded to the compression fittings to allow for TC butterfly valves.
We built a high pressure corny keg washing system hard piped directly to the pump below. This unit also got a 1500 watt heating element (not shown) to keep the cleaning solution hot through multiple kegs. The main pump output splits off to push cleaner through the gas and liquid ball lock posts in addition to main spray ball's fury.
This is an example of how we weld TC ferrules to the side of a typical kettle. When we have access to the interior of the tank, we flare the kettle wall outward to created a smooth rounded contour on the inside of the vessel. This eliminates sharp, sloppy edges. We also argon-shield the internal side of the weld so the inside looks as good as the outside.