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. If you run a home brew shop or build brewing systems for sale and are interested in selling some of our unique hardware products, please register as a customer using THIS LINK, then email us your store name and the name under which you've registered on the website. We may require additional documentation for proof of a retail store location or proper commercial operation. Once we turn on wholesale pricing for your account, you can look around at the pricing. We do not have order minimums but we may revoke wholesale status for customers that continually place very small orders.

All orders will be paid up front via credit card or Paypal. For orders over $500, we offer an additional 3% discount if prepaid via bank check. Although our system will offer you a free shipping option if your order exceeds $299, please do not select free shipping. Wholesale orders that come in with a free shipping option selected may be delayed as we work out the actual shipping cost and communicate with the buyer. It is better to select either USPS or Fedex as the shipping option. We can also ship on your FEDEX account as well.

Wholesale pricing is only offered on equipment items unique to BrewHardware.com. In other words, there are no discounts on ingredients that we purchase through BSG or LD Carlson. Please email with any questions.

We reserve the right to cancel or alter order quantities if those quantities will immediately interfere with our own retail needs for specific products.