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BrewHardware.com Electrical Controller Buyer's Guide
Blichmann Brew CommanderAuber Cube 3eAuber Cube 3e BH CustomAuber Brew Buddy I
Featuresw/ DSPR120w/ DSPR320w/ DSPR120w/ DSPR320
Number of Elements *1112 ^^
Number of Switched Pump Outputs1212
Number of Temperature Probes1114
Footprint4" x 6"9" x 9"9" x 9"12" x 8"
Table Top or Wall MountTable, convertable to WallTableTableWall Mount
User InterfaceColor Touch ScreenKnob + ButtonsKnob + ButtonsKnob + Buttons
Positive Voltage Disconnect **NoYesYesYes
Circuit Breaker ***NoYesYesYes
Number of Programmable Mash Steps519199
Number of Programmable Boil Addition Timers719199
Built In Timers and AlarmsYesYesYesYes
Delayed Start Function (e.g. start heating early morning)YesNoYesNoYesYes
Boil Acceleration Mode ^NoYesYesYes
Large Element Firing LightNoNoYesNo
Power Input FormatNEMA L6-30P + 5-15PNEMA 14-30PNEMA 14-30PNEMA 14-30P
Power Cables includedOne L6-30 ExtensionNoneNoneNone
Temp Probe Connection at Controller3.5mm PlugRobust XLRRobust XLRRobust XLR
* All single element controllers are capable of running multi-vessel systems if you are willing to swap element and temp probe cables when kicking off the boil.
** This feature uses a mechanical switch or relay to completely disconnect both hot legs of the element output so no voltage is present at the element or cable when OFF.
*** In the case of an electrical fault, this breaker should trip but it is not a replacement for the use of a GFCI protecting breaker in your main electrical panel.
^ Boil Acceleration is a feature that avoids boil-overs even when unattended but still allows the ramp up to boil temps to happen at full 100% element output.
^^ The Brew Buddy I supports two connected elements at the same time, but a panel selector switch determines which one will receive power at any given time. The Brew Buddy II supports two simulataneous elements but requires 50amp input.