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We love talking to our customers (and potential customers) about their system needs. What kind of brewing system fits your needs best? We have several staff members who have brewed on a half a dozen brewing system types and manage to consistently win gold medals in beer competitions.

Since we offer a vast amount of equipment customization and system builds, we sometimes find ourselves on the phone for several hours before the final order gets placed. That's not bad or unusual because finding your perfect solution takes time. Unfortunately sometimes that sale never comes and a customer gets the benefit of hours of consultation and ultimately buys on Amazon or elsewhere. While it's a rare occurrence, it has become necessary to avoid these problems as we become more busy.

We typically expect a presales call to last up to about 15 minutes give or take. We're not going to be rigid about this but if a system design conversation has to last an hour or more, we may politely ask that you purchase a gift certificate (store credit) equal to 25% of the approximate system cost to continue the conversation. This guarantees us that the consultation will yield some sales. If you later decide you are not going to pursue a full system build with us, you can use that store credit on ingredients or other accessories over as long a time frame as you need to.