Welcome to our new GRAIN BATCH BUILDER Page

The table below represents all the grain we have available and you can add any and all of it to the shopping cart in one big batch rather than browsing for each grain type one at a time. Instructions for use, and a tutorial video can be found at the bottom of this page.


Product Pounds Ounces
Stock $ QTY Stock $ QTY
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You MUST select an option in BOTH dropdown menus above BEFORE clicking ADD TO CART!

Instructions for use:

Each unique grain is represented on a row and the stock quantity, unit price and order box are broken up into pounds and ounces columns. Simply enter a number in those boxes for each grain you want to add to the cart.
IMPORTANT! Grain ordering requires you to set two options which are found in dropdown menus at the bottom of this page; whether you want the batch milled or left whole and which BATCH of grain the cart addition is for.
Grain Batch Option: If you select "keep separate", each DIFFERENT grain type added will be bagged separately but LBs and OZs of the same grain will be mixed. On the other hand, any grains carrying the "Batch 1" tag will be all combined together, etc... You will find four unique batch numbers allowing for four unique groups of grains on the same order. If you need more, simply place a separate order for the 5th or more batch.
If you place an order for grain without selecting these two different options, we will delay the order to contact you to figure out what you want us to do.