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Blichmann Brew Commander Controller - 240V
Blichmann Brew Commander Controller - 240V

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The BrewCommander™ complete brewhouse controller is available in electric and gas/propane models! The patent pending BrewCommander™ is a unique, innovative, high-quality brewhouse controller with ultra-high accuracy and precision with the ultimate in flexibility. Whether system-integrated or freestanding, the BrewCommander™ offers automated step mashing, boil timers and amazing advanced settings. Whatever your heating source or brewing setup, the BrewCommander™ offers precision temperature control with increased accuracy and repeatability.

The BrewCommander™ Brewhouse Controller is a high precision, intuitive, complete brewhouse touchscreen controller for automatically ramping and maintaining the temperature of your boil kettle, mash tun, or hot liquor tank. With linear digital power control, automated mash profile ramping, boil addition timers, pump control, delayed starting, and easy to use advanced control settings, the BrewCommander™ is clearly in a league of its own.

This 240v controller is designed to regulate 240v elements up to 7200 watts at 35 amps but a much more common use would be a 5500 watt element on a 30 amp circuit.
NOTE: We stock a limited number of these at our store/warehouse and will drop ship directly from Blichmann at our discretion. There will be an initial backlog of orders on initial release (June 24) so please allow a few extra days.

This unit comes from Blichmann in "table top" configuration as shown in the picture where the cables come through the back plate. It can also be conveniently wall mounted with minor modification. First, you'll need a DIN rail screwed to your wall (we sell DIN rails, see accessory list on the right). Next, you'll open up the box and move all the wires to prepunched holes in the bottom plate. Blichmann does offer instructions on how to do it yourself but if you would rather it just show up ready to wall mount, we offer this reconfiguration service if you would rather not rewire it.

Understanding the "relay module" add on unit:
There seems to be a little confusion on how the add on relay module can be used to expand function to multiple elements. The relay module simple allows an additional circuit/element to be regulated by the same controller. That second element is being turned on and off at the same time as the circuit/element on the primary controller module. In other words, it is not for controlling elements on separate temperatures. The primary application for the relay module is to controller two elements in the same vessel when the size of that vessel can no longer be heated by a single element.

Can the relay module be used to switch the output between elements in two different pots like an HLT and BK? Sort of. With some clever wiring and the addition of a selector switch in the face of the relay module, you COULD use a single unit to switch between two elements. The only downside is that you will not have temperature probe feedback from the boil kettle. In general that's not really a problem as the controller will operate fine during the boil mode without knowing the boiler's temperature.

Key Features:
  • Intuitive Touchscreen Interface.
  • Keypad Data Entry.
  • Advanced Temperature Control Algorithm.
  • Automated Step Mashing (up to 5 steps and 9 profiles).
  • Boil Addition Timers (up to 7 additions and 9 profiles).
  • Integral Pump Switch.
  • Lab Grade Precision Thermometer - Superior to RTD's.
  • Customizable Settings - Basic and Advanced.
  • Mash Step Ramp Rate Delay.
  • HERMS / RIMS Offsets.
  • Audible Alarms.
  • Upgradable Firmware.
  • Switchable Between Table and Wall Mounting.
  • Modular - Connect Multiple Units!
  • Optional SparkBox™ Remote Ignition Module.
  • Offered in Electric or Gas Versions.

Din Rail, 6" Aluminum
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Din Rail, 6" Aluminum
Labor Charge - Convert BrewCommander To Wall Mount
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Labor Charge - Convert BrewCommander To Wall Mount

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