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A lot of blood, sweat, and beers go into pulling off high medal counts in BJCP competitions, especially in the highly competitive NJ homebrewing scene. The Garden State Homebrewers have just clinched their third consecutive New Jersey Homebrew Club of the Year title, which is also the first time a club has achieved that accolade in the seven years the program has been running. This was the club's best performance ever, with a huge percentage of the membership entering beers including first timers and veterans alike. The club swept Best of Show 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and pulled an additional 37 medals The picture on the left shows the handful of medals we were hauling back from the NJ State Fair competition for the members who were unable to attend and didn't include the hardware hanging on the necks of the five or six members who were there off camera. We always say that nothing makes a better brewer than being in a supportive homebrew club, but we at BrewHardware also like to think that a supportive, knowledgeable, well-stocked home-base homebrew shop is equally important. We're extremely proud to have the majority of the club's members as loyal, long term regular customers. It has always been a very symbiotic relationship that will continue on into the future. Let's all raise a pint and cheers the Garden State Homebrewers! P.S. Join a Club.

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