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Conical to Keg Pressure Transfer Kit (TC valves)
Conical to Keg Pressure Transfer Kit (TC valves)

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Gas-Input TC size:

If you have a pressure-capable conical with a 1.5" TC port on the top and the racking port valve, this kit will allow you to apply gentle pressure to the conical to force the beer out and into a corny keg through the liquid line for an oxygen free transfer.

The specific conical we made the kit for is the SS Brewing Technologies Chronical fermenter (note that the BrewMaster's Edition requires the 3" TC option for the gas input) but it will work with any fermenter that can handle a little pressure, has 1.5" TC ports on top and on the racking valve.

This kit includes:

One 1.5" TC to ball lock gas post adapter (or other size specified in the dropdown) (you supply the gasket and clamp or purchase separately)
One 1.5" TC to 3/8" hose barb (you supply the gasket and clamp or purchase separately)
Six feet of racking hose
One Black ball lock QD with 3/8" hose barb swivel.

You will need a source of CO2 with a grey ball lock connector on the end of the hose to apply gas to the conical port.

Best practices for a oxygen free transfer:
  1. Fill your serving keg to the top with sanitizer solution.
  2. Pressurize the keg with CO2 and dispense out all of the sanitizer by attaching the black QD, hose and nipple assembly to the beverage out post. This will leave your keg full of CO2 and zero oxygen and also sanitize the filling hose assembly at the same time.
  3. Spray the opening of the conical drain valve with sanitizer, then clamp the 1.5" TC x hose barb fitting on.
  4. Turn your regulator down to zero pressure, attach the TC x gas post adapter to the top port of the conical, and attach the gas QD to the adapter.
  5. With the black QD still attached to the corny out post, open the racking valve on the conical.
  6. Pull the vent on the corny and turn it 90 degrees to lock it open (or pop a spare grey QD onto the gas post with no hose attached)
  7. Slowly increase regulator pressure until beer begins to flow being careful not to exceed the pressure rating of the conical (refer to manufacturer literature... RTFM).

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