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Temp Controller, 240V/30a Auber Cube 5e BH CUSTOM B Single Element Controller
Temp Controller, 240V/30a Auber Cube 5e BH CUSTOM B Single Element Controller

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This Auber CUBE 5E tabletop plug-n-play brewing controller has all the features required for BIAB brewing. For mashing, this product offers a very stable temperature control without the worry of temperature overshooting. For boiling, the front rotary knob can adjust the power output with a 1% precision interval. The built-in buzzer will notify users when a temperature alarm is triggered or when the time has ended. The unit is for the North American 240V power system (four-wire power connection). The maximum current rating is 30A (supports a 5500 watt element plus a pump).

Note that this unit is a customized version of the Cube 5e we call the BH Custom B.

1. Instead of TWO 120v auxiliary switches and 120v outputs (usually used for pumps), One of the switches is replaced by a large red LED indicator lamp that shows you when the element is firing. Why did we request this design? In a single vessel system, a single pump is typical. Having an element firing indicator is much more useful use of front panel real estate. You will love it.

2. The main power switch/breaker is used as an ELEMENT ENABLE/DISABLE switch. When it is off, all voltage is prevented from reaching the element. The main controller brain and the pump switch receives power when the controller is plugged into the wall regardless of the element enable switch position. Why did we request this design? An element disable switch is much more useful than a main power switch. It allows you to program the controller brain or use the pump without any possibility of the element firing unintentionally (as long as you remember to flip the disable switch of course). The newest version (5e) also adds a small rocker switch to the front of the unit to turn the display on and off.


  • Lab grade instrument enclosure
  • Compact design without sacrificing the performance or functions
  • Supplementary circuit breaker/switch for extra protection (front)
  • Anodized aluminum panel with brushed finish (front)
  • Manual pump control switch (front)
  • Auber EZboil brewing controller with mashing & boiling control and built-in buzzer (front)
  • Top mounted heat sink for most efficient heat dissipation (top)
  • Aluminum handles guard the heat sink, to allow an easy carry (top)
  • Same color sockets for a consistent appearance and pleasant aesthetics (back)
  • One pump output socket, one power input, one heater output and one temperature probe socket (back)
You now have your CHOICE of controller Brains! You can select between the EZboil DSPR120 or the more feature rich DSPR320A.

Features for BOTH DSPR120 and DSPR320 brains:
EZboil® is a digital power regulator designed to automate the liquid boiling and mashing processes. In boil mode, it can bring the liquid to boil in the maximum speed, automatically reduce the power to maintain the boil at a desired level, and shut off power after maintaining at boiling for a predetermined time.

In mash mode, its temperature control function utilizes an artificial intelligence algorithm optimized for mashing application. It is easier to understand and more convenient to operate than a PID controller.

Both the Mashing mode and Boiling mode provide an optional timer function as well as a built in alarm buzzer that will trigger at temperature set point in mashing mode or at the conclusion of the timer in either the mash or boil mode.

The instruction manual for the DSPR120 can be viewed

TIP! Refer to our controller buyer's guide to compare key features of all the controller's we offer. We also modeled a typical brewing process with the associated programming for both the DSPR120 and 320 so you can explore the possibilities. Those slides are at the bottom of this page so just scroll down.

The upgrade to the DSPR320 brain adds the following additional features:
While the DSPR120 mashing mode features a single temperature set point that you can change manually via the knob at any time, the DSPR320 allows you to preprogram up to 18 scheduled steps that execute without your manual intervention. For example, you can set a delay for 9 hours, then have it heat to 160F and hold for 1 hour, then heat to 170F and hold for 30 minutes. The options are almost endless. Probably the most practical use for this hands-off scheduling is the ability to fill your kettle with water the night before brew day and have the controller start heating in advance of your presence, which is especially advantageous for large batch brewers where much of the brew day is spent waiting for water to heat. A secondary benefit is unattended step mashing.

There are additional features that are less likely to impact your purchase decision but you can read all about it in the user manual

While the price difference is relatively minor between the two units, keep in mind that the learning curve to understand the programming and brew-day function will be much shorter with the DSPR120 so unless you see yourself needing the schedule programmability of the DSPR320, we recommend keeping it simple.

Temperature sensor:
This controller includes one PT100 RTD probe with one 8' braided cable with quick disconnects on both ends. 19 different probe length/thread options are offered. See the table below for more information. Please choose the probe option above accordingly. We stock a few Cube controllers at a time and we have smaller assortment of different probe types. If you request a probe that we don't stock, we may just drop ship the controller from Auber so you get it quicker. You will first select whether the probe is NPT/Weldess or Triclamp to drive the price. Then you will type in the Option number in the table below to specify exactly which probe you want. The TRICLAMP versions have a price premium of $15.

Option# TYPE THIS NUMBER IN ABOVE Part#(Probe Model) Tip Length (inch) Thread Size Comment
1 PT100-L50NPT 2 1/4 NPT Tip length includes the NPT thread.

Weldless Bulkheads require 9/16" hole in the kettle for M14 and 5/8" hole for the M16. If you are drilling a new hole in your kettle, we recommend the M14 weldless in whatever probe length you desire.
2 PT100-L100NPT 4 1/4 NPT
3 PT100-L401/2NPT 1.5 1/2 NPT
4 PT100-L601/2NPT 2.5 1/2 NPT
5 PT100-L1001/2NPT 4 1/2 NPT
6 PT100-L1501/2NPT 6 1/2 NPT
7 PT100-L2001/2NPT 8 1/2 NPT
8 PT100-L50M14 2 M14 Weldless bulkhead
9 PT100-L100M14 4 M14 Weldless bulkhead
10 PT100-L200M14 8 M14 Weldless bulkhead
11 PT100-L50M16 2 M16 Weldless bulkhead
12 PT100-L100M16 4 M16 Weldless bulkhead
13 PT100-C-40 1.58 1.5" Tri-clamp
14 PT100-C-60 2.36 1.5" Tri-clamp
15 PT100-C-150 6 1.5" Tri-clamp
16 PT100-C-200 8 1.5" Tri-clamp
17 PT100-C-2-60 2.36 2" Tri-clamp
Compatible with
2" TC system
18 PT100-C-2-150 6 2" Tri-clamp
19 PT100-C-2-200 8 2" Tri-clamp
Our favorite probe is the PT100-L50M14 due to its simple fast install and the ability to remove it fully from the kettle by hand with no tools.

Power rating:
The Auber CUBE 3E is designed for North America 240V AC power lines that require four lines power connections (L1, L2, N and G). It is rated as 30 Amp, 240V, 7200W. The power input socket on the back of the controller is NEMA L14-30P.

One L14-30R power input connector is included for your convenience but the cable and plug are NOT INCLUDED. The most common outlet that this controller would plug into is a typical 4-prong electric dryer outlet (NEMA 14-30). If that is what you have, THIS CABLE would be needed. If you buy the cable from us at the time you buy the controller, we can wire it in to the included connection shown on the left. You can also source this cable at the local big box store if you wish.
The power output socket for heater is NEMA L6-30R. Maximum power output is 30A, 240V. An optional NEMA L6-30P plug is offered. Two power output sockets for pump are NEMA 5-15R. Maximum power output is 10A, 120V for each pump output. Total power output (one heater and two pumps) is limited to 30A. For your convenience, we list three cable lengths in the accessories list to the right. This cable is required from the controller element output to the element itself.
Heater Control Output (Max) 30A, 240V AC. NEMA L6-30R socket
Pump Control Output (Max) 10A, 120V AC. NEMA 5-15R socket
Input Inlet (Max) 30A, 240V AC. NEMA L14-30R Connector, four conductors
Sensor Pt100 RTD sensor, XLRCON-M connector
Circuit Breaker 32A, 2-pole
Temperature Controller EZboil® DSPR320A
Dimension (W x H x D) 9.1 x 5.3 x 7.9 inch (230 x 135 x 200 mm)
Environment Humidity <85% RH
Weight 7.9 lb
Country of manufacture USA & imported parts. Assembled in USA.
Warranty One (1) year limited warranty.

In addition to the buyer's guild linked above, here is a typical brewing session repeated twice; once with the DSPR120 and once with the DSPR320:

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5 of 5 Great product January 14, 2023
Reviewer: Tom from Portsmouth, NH United States  
Purchased with the DSPR320 for a biab setup. Works great, can’t think of anything I don’t like about it. The instructions are very helpful and there is a useful thread on the forum as well as a couple of short YouTube videos that Auber put out. Very easy to use and I’m not worried about being able to find parts if I break it.

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5 of 5 Auber Cube February 8, 2022
Reviewer: Jim Bellistri from Salisbury, MD United States  
Pretty easy to setup.   Responds to instant changes

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5 of 5 Works Great November 17, 2021
Reviewer: Gordon L from Morse Bluff, NE United States  
I'm using this with the biab system Bobby sells and it works fantastic. The Cube held my mash temps right on my target. It can be programmed to prompt mash additions during the boil and automatically ramp up step mashes.

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