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Taprite Multi-Pressure Secondary Regulator Banks - 2 to 6 different pressures
Taprite Multi-Pressure Secondary Regulator Banks - 2 to 6 different pressures

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Taprite is a very well respected brand that makes its regulators in the U.S.A. After trying to find a quality import, and failing over and over, we decided this is the brand we feel good about.

A SECONDARY CO2 regulator is a device that takes a relatively low intermediate pressure in and further breaks it down to one or more usable final pressures. This means you'll have at least one PRIMARY regulator attached to your CO2 tank that takes the 600-1000psi out of the tank and breaks it down to a maximum of 120psi (usually less such as 30psi) or whatever you want. These secondaries have an output range of 0-30psi which is driven by the pressure gauge readable range.

We offer these secondaries as single bare bones units that you can configure yourself however you see fit, but many customers just want a plug and play bank of regulars that are pre-assembled at a slight price increase.

OPTIONS (all affect the final price of the assembly, select the options in the drop down menu above).
  • You select how many unique pressure outputs you want. A 2-body secondary bank will take a pressure in and provide two lower unique output pressures.
  • Select what kind of port/connection you want on the left and right higher pressure input/output ports. One of these is going to be your input port from your primary regulator.
  1. 1/4" Male Flare with PushFLL (Duotight) Fitting. Use this option if you plan to use EVA barrier tubing for your gas connections (Highly Recommended)
  2. 1/4" Male Flare (MFL) - You plan to put a Female Flare hose barb fitting on the end of your hose and connect it here allowing for occasional disconnection or reconfiguration.
  3. 1/4" Hose Barb - You plan to use a 1/4" ID hose to connect to the port and do not need to disconnect the hose at any time.
  4. None - Bare 1/4" NPT female threads.. You have a fitting you plan to thread in for connection.
  5. Shutoff Valve with MFL - This would be practical if you want to use the port opposite the input port for a pass through. That is, you can use this port to have access to whatever the input pressure is. So if you have 30 psi on the primary regulator feeding into the secondary bank, a shutoff on the other side lets you connect a valved output for whatever use you may have. Maybe it's a port for quick carbing new kegs into the system.
  6. Plug - This would only be practical on one of the ports where you used one port for an input and didn't have any use for a pass-thru of the higher input pressure.

A quick primer on regulators and especially how they apply to the Taprite brand. When you look at the regulator body where the adjustment knob is located, the ports on the left and right are the "high pressure side". That is, the high pressure rail runs horizontally. The vertical ports, top and bottom, is on the low pressure side of the regulator. That is, the adjustment knob determines the pressure on these two ports. The top port gets a guage (usually 0-30psi) and the bottom port is the output where you connect a hose for the usable gas output.

Port Threads: Specifically for the Taprite brand,
  • ALL low pressure ports on the body itself are 1/4" NPT with standard right hand thread (RHT). That is true for these secondary regulators as well as their primary regulators with the red adjustment knobs. In our secondary banks, the top ports include the 0-30psi guage and the bottoms are a shutoff valve with a built in check-ball to prevent back flow. The final connection on the valve is a MFL (1/4" male flare).
  • The higher pressure (input)(horizontal) ports on the these Taprite secondary bodies are also 1/4" NPT standard right hand thread (RHT). The reason we describe this level of detail is that the horizontal ports on primary regulators (the red knob version) is actually left hand thread. We speculate that Taprite uses LHT on their primary regulators is to be sure you do not connect a secondary body directly to a CO2 or Nitro tank which can be over 1000psi. It is just one of those things you need to know before you think you're going to couple regulators to other types of Taprite regs or other brands altogether.

Note: We make every effort to pressure test the completed assemblies but it is impossible to catch every leak at the threaded ports. We will not refund for lost CO2. You must do a final leak down test after making all your connections. A leakdown test is performed by pressurizing your secondary bank with approximately 40psi from your primary regulator and setting all pressures on the secondary bank to 30psi. Then shut all valves including the co2 tank valve. Leave the assembly alone for an hour and come back to verify that your gauges all still display the same pressure set above. If your primary gauge is lower than 40psi, you have a leak in the primary regulator or at the tank connection. If you have less than 30psi on any of the secondary guages, there is a leak at the input connection hose between the primary and secondary or there is a leak at one of the threaded connections within the secondary assembly. Use soapy water on the connections to find the increasing bubbles.

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5 of 5 Customizable secondary regulator manifold November 26, 2020
Reviewer: David Snyder from Bainbridge Island, WA United States  
The Taprite regulators are an excellent product, and BrewHardware allows you to specify the number of regulators and the types of valves & connectors. This is a high value product.

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