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Hot Pod Kettle Element Enclosure ETC4S - TC1.5" Enclosure w/clamp, gasket, and 1.5" TC Radiused Solder Flange
Hot Pod Kettle Element Enclosure ETC4S - TC1.5" Enclosure w/clamp, gasket, and 1.5" TC Radiused Solder Flange

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Electric Kettle Enclosure with 1.5" TC flange, gasket, clamp and Solder-On TC .

This specific unit features an enclosure with a 1.5" TC (triclover) flange. It assumes you want to use silver bearing solder to attach the included 1.5" TC radius face flange to your vessel. We have other kits with various accessories included elsewhere on this site.

General info for all TC (triclover) based electrical enclosures:

The matter of enclosing the electrical connection of your heating element has long been the shortcoming of many Do-It-Yourself element installs. Many solutions relied on "potting" the exposed connections with silicone or epoxy which was a bit more permanent than practical. In addition to shielding the connections, another challenge is providing an earth ground point on the metal pieces. Our design solves both of these problems in an aesthetically pleasing and functionally adequate way. We have several options depending on whether you want to weld, solder or use gaskets to install your heating elements.
What's included with all enclosure options:
  • Screw-together canister with ground screw and cord grip.
  • Electrical Connection Parts: One pair of crimp-on ring terminals to connect your cord (up to 10 gauge wire) to the element, and a single ring terminal to attach an earth ground to the canister, a couple pieces of shrink wrap tubing (shrink it over your crimp terminals with a lighter).
Note!! electric heating element is NOT included with ANY of these kits.

The cord grip included with this kit will accommodate nearly any practical cord diameter from 14/3 SJ to 10/3 SJ cords.
  • Soldering Notes: After drilling or punching the hole in your vessel (minimum 1-3/8" hole, maximum 1-5/8" since the flange is 2" OD, scuff up the contact areas of both the vessel and the flange using some 100" grit sandpaper then wipe off residue with solvent on a rag. Apply acid flux such as Harris Stay Clean Liquid flux to both surfaces. Lay the flange centered over the hole ensuring that the radius in the flange most closely follows that of the vessel (You may want to mark top and bottom with indexing marks on top of the TC flange to make this easier). Once you are happy with placement, use small C-clamps inserted through the hole to firmly clamp the flange in place and to draw in any gaps due to radius mismatch. Using an LP or MAPP torch, warm the vessel walls first keeping the flame moving, avoiding the flange for a few minutes. Then concentrate the heat on the TC flange itself, avoiding burning the flux as much as possible. The ideal temperature is reached when your solder melts when applied to the joint between the flange and vessel and NOT when the solder wire is directly heated by your flame. Solder should be quite liquid and start drawing into the gap. Work the solder around the entire flange, reheating the flange briefly as necessary. This process is shown in a instructional video at the bottom of this page.

    Disclaimer: Soldering is not horribly challenging, but you should be moderately handy if you're going to attempt this. If you've never soldered copper plumbing with success before, you may want to do some practicing first. Acid flux is dangerous to handle and the fumes are toxic. Please use a respirator and/or solder outside or in a well ventilated area. Torches make things very hot! DUH... typical silver bearing solders with 3-6% silver content melt just under 500F and the flange will stay hot for several minutes after you remove the heat. Just be careful!

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Silver Solder Kit
Our Price: $12.99

Silver Solder Kit

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5 of 5 November 19, 2017
Reviewer: Damian Scott from Perth, Western Australia Australia  

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4 of 5 Everything looks great, having issues soldering. September 29, 2017
Reviewer: Stephen Schmida from Minneapolis, MN United States  
Followed the steps in the video and I cannot get it to flow to the seams of the fitting either.  Seems to bead up and roll off rather than get sucked in.  Any tips?

Brewhardware response: Definitely something to give us a call to work on. There are many reasons why solder would bead up. Since the only item you've ordered from us is the kit, I don't know what kind of flux you might be using. It MUST be Harris Stay Clean LIQUID flux. If you're using anything else, that's the immediate cause. If you are using the correct flux, it could be overheating causing the flux to burn off. You can reapply the flux as necessary to clean burned stuff away. It could also be overheating the pot and not heating the fitting enough or vice versa. The parts may not have been cleaned up well enough and degreased.

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5 of 5 Element enclose September 28, 2017
Reviewer: Douglas Bishop from Lawrence , KS United States  
Bought the silver solder 1.5" TC flange with the encloser. Excellent product design and super quality. I am upgrading to all electric in my system and brew hardware . Com has all of the quality parts I need to build my brewery. Pricing is excellent and worth it.

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5 of 5 Make sure to watch the Video September 7, 2017
Reviewer: Victor Suarez from Johnston, RI United States  
Like the title says make sure to Watch the Video Bobby posted on how to solder this thing and actually follow the instructions, you will have little to no problems.  My Soldering skills are non existent but I was able to solder this on my keg and it's water tight.... Just also make sure to have enough solder on hand, I had done 4 pull throughs prior to tackling this and came up a bit short on my first attempt.  As far as the Hot pod itself,  super easy to put together just make sure you have a small ratchet (I used 7mm) on hand makes life a lot easier.

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3 of 5 Soldering did not work February 12, 2017
Reviewer: Idan from New York  
I'm pretty good at soldering but after several attempts at soldering this to a keg I gave up - it just doesn't work.

I used 6% silver solder and gave it my best using the videos here as reference but apart from making a big mess the solder wouldn't follow and the stainless fittings wouldn't stick.

When I was chatting to a welder friends he said, silver solder doesn't work on SS, it's a myth.

BrewHardware Response:
Essentially what you're doing is calling me a liar. I've demonstrated the process in several videos and it worked perfectly. Further, we've sold at least 1000 of these fittings to hundreds of customers who have had success just as I have. We silver solder at least 20 fittings per week and have done so for the past 4 years. I'm not sure if this review was written before or after we spoke on the phone, but you admitted to using paste flux. I informed you that you must use Harris Stay Clean LIQUID flux and that's the only way it's going to work. Since this review is based on bad information, I'm changing the 1 star to 3 to be more neutral. If you have a problem with that, call me.

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