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Spunding Valve Cross with Gas Input for 1.5 TC
Spunding Valve Cross with Gas Input for 1.5 TC

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This spunding assembly includes:

Threaded cross fitting (304 SS) with the following threaded into the ports:
1. 0-30 PSI Gauge on the top.
2. Adjustable PRV (Pressure Relief Valve) 304 S/S.
3. This "gas input" version also includes a ball lock gas input post on the other side. (we can swap this out for a pinlock style post by request)
4. The bottom port is a 1.5" TC x 1/4" male NPT adapter. Note that a 1.5" TC flange measure an actual 2".

We also offer this in a less expensive "tee" version that lacks the gas input. The main advantage of using the cross is that you can use the spunding function and pressurize your vessel without having to swap the TC parts back and forth.

Uses? Measuring carbonation level in a keg already carbonated (measure temp, measure constant pressure over an hour, refer to carbonation chart), Vent a keg that is naturally carbonating with priming sugar to avoid overcarbonation, pressure ferment in a corny (the true meaning of spunding).

We've had a lot of questions about how to use this device. First, please be aware that we don't have a lot of experience using spunding for pressure ferments but here are a few notes. You can use this device to check and/or vent a keg that has had the gas source disconnected. If you want to just use it to check pressure, turn the PRV all the way clockwise so that it doesn't vent and then connect to the keg's gas post. If the pressure is higher than you wanted, turn the PRV counterclockwise to allow venting.

In order to set the PRV pressure for venting during fermentation, it's best to pressurize the vessel first to just over your desired vent pressure, rotate the PRV clockwise nearly all the way and then attach the spunding valve to the vessel. Rotate the knob counter-clockwise slowly until it begins venting. Find the spot where it vents down to your desired pressure and then stops. To check that you've set it properly, remove the spunding, repressurize the vessel to a few PSI above your set pressure and then reattach the spunding to watch for appropriate pressure venting.

Warning: We recommend using a vessel with an overpressure vent in ADDITION to using the spunding. It's always better to have redundant overpressure protection when fermenting in a pressure vessel.

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