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Due to Governor Murphy's Executive Order 107, we are unable to open the local retail store. Locals may use UPS or USPS shipping options. If a local customer needs to exchange a CO2 tank for a full one (not shippable) or has other needs that are unreasonable to ship, please call the shop 908-823-4227.

As of 4/8/20 we are tentatively continuing to accept online orders for shipping as usual with some differences; please read everything before ordering. 

1. Handling Delays. In an effort to keep our employees as safe as possible, we are arranging our staffing schedules to minimize exposure.  Handling times are expected to be 3-5 extra days. Volume is already maxed out as it is because many shops have decided to close and volume is already up because everyone is bored at home and brewing. No, you are not the only one that decided that brewing is a great way to pass the time.

2. Shipping Services. We also anticipate that shipping services may experience some delays outside of our control. 

3. Supply chain is sketchy. For example, Omega Yeast Labs is shut down so we will definitely be out of that for a while once our current stock is depleted. Other items may follow suit.

4. Support Availability. We may miss an email or two. We may not answer the phone every single time. We may go home a little early to have dinner with our families. We are currently spending 5-10% of our day responding to "where is my order" emails for orders that are not even particularly delayed past normal operating standards. Please be cool. We haven't had to do it yet but we're considering a policy that if you ask where your order is, it goes to the back of the line.

Thank you so much for supporting small family-owned businesses during these very strange times and for you understanding and patience.

Grain Builder App:A lot of our long term online customers express surprise when they find out we sell grain, hops and yeast since we started with hardware 10 years ago. Yup, we do. We also just built a new
Grain Bill Builder Page that makes it super easy to find and add exactly the amount of grain you want to the cart without jumping from page to page. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

  • Our extensive video primer covering brewing connections, quick disconnects, etc is out (see it below). For all our informative product videos, check out

If you are new to our store, please rest assured that we have some of the most innovative original hardware in the industry. We are focused on earning long term repeat customers. If our wide selection of hardware and ingredients won't convince you, our reputation for customer service should. Check out our uncensored review page.

Did you know that we can drill, punch and otherwise modify pots to your specifications? Whether it's a pot you bring in to the shop or one you purchase from us, we can install any accessory for you. Holes and weldless installs are only $9 per accessory. We can also silver solder in our pull-through bulkhead fittings for $19 per hole/bulkhead. HERMS coil preinstalled? Heating elements preinstalled?
No problem.

Questions? Email or call the shop at (908) 823-4227 M-Th 9am-6pm Eastern (3pm on Friday).

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Anvil Premium Bench Capper 1.5" TC Sanitary Lever Style Sample Valve Ball Valve, Male Beer Thread x Female Beer thread ball valve Temp Controller WIFI , Dual Stage Fermentation (Inkbird ITC308wifi) SS Brewing Technologies Chronical Conical Fermenter 7 Gallon
Pigtail Proof Coil for Quarter Turn Sample Valves Female Beer Thread to Female Garden Hose for Cleaning Sanke Couplers