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Anvil Foundry System 10.5 Gallon Electric System
Anvil Foundry System 10.5 Gallon Electric System

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Yes. There are a LOT of all in one electric brewing "urns" out there. If you're shopping for one of them, your head is now spinning.

This particular item has a big supply and demand problem. We literally can't get any right now.

We will not hash out every little feature of these units but we'll give you an idea of what makes the Anvil version so different.

  • First, none of them have a 10.5 gallon capacity like the Foundry. What that means is that most smaller boiler systems force you to perform a sparge to reach your boil volume. Of course, the Foundry allows for a sparge if you wish but you can also perform a full volume, no sparge mash which doesn't require a separate vessel to heat sparge water in. You'll trade a few points of efficiency but less work and hassle.

  • The most important difference from our perspective is the higher power element. If you don't mind doing a little extra work to get a 240 volt circuit set up, you'll have a whopping 2800 watts at your disposal. No, that's not earth shattering power compared to what you can do with a 5500 watt "ripple" style element, but it is a full 1200 watts higher than all the other all in one units including the Grainfather, Mash N Boil, and Robobrew. We sell hundreds of HOT RODS to help assist those anemic units. Long story short, the Foundry system can run on either 120 volts at 1600 watts or 240 volts at 2800 watts. This isn't just marketing fodder. In the case of full volume mash, starting with 7 gallons of water. It will take 1600 watts a full HOUR to reach dough in temps. At 2800 watts, that's only 36 minutes. When you're ramping from mash to boil, the respective times are 42 and 24 minutes respectively. In summary, the 2800 watt option saves you 42 minutes of heating time. The other thing to consider is that 1600 watts is BARELY enough to boil the wort but 2800 definitely gets you rolling.

Talk to your local electrician to see what it would take to add a 15 amp, 240v GFCI protected circuit to your brewing area. It's worth it.

  • Another perk of the Foundry is that the lower 4" of the grain basket is also perforated just like the bottom disc which more than doubles the drainage of the other units.
  • Double wall construction means that you get better heat retention than the competition WITHOUT having to cover up that nice stainless with some jacket.

  • Last, the lid is gasketed and has built in spring latches so you can easily convert the unit to a distillation boiler simply by adding either the Turbo500 copper pot still arm or the Turbo500 reflux condenser.

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