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Blichmann Autosparge, for 1.5" TC Ports
Blichmann Autosparge, for 1.5" TC Ports

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Blichmann Autosparge, TC version. This device is used for two different brewing systems. In 3 vessel fly-sparge systems, this device is installed in the mash tun and regulates the inflow of sparge water. Without the autosparge, you would need to regulate the mash tun's sparge inflow and wort outflow to the same speed and double check the flows occasionally. The autosparge allows you to only worry about the outflow speed and then you can truly walk away for the rest of the sparge time.

The other use is in 2-vessel RIMS systems such as the Blichmann Breweasy. In these systems, the mash is drained from above down into the boil kettle that is equipped with a temperature controlled heat source. The wort is heated and pumped back up to the mash tun. The autosparge is employed in this system to ensure that the boil kettle is never completely pumped dry.

The TC (Tri-Clamp) version of the autosparge is meant to install into a full sized, 1.5" TC port (2" actual flange diameter) in the kettle and it will work on both inward and outward facing TC flanges. By outward facing, we mean that the clamping flange and clamp will be located on the outside of the kettle. The unit slides into the port without the float, float rod, and silicone tubing installed. Once it is clamped into the port, those accessories can be added back on. Your tubing can now be clamped on to the TC flange on the outside. Note that you will need a 1.5" TC gasket and clamp to secure this autosparge to your kettle.

Note: some customers have inquired if our locline based Mash Recirculation Kit may be used with the autosparge and the answer is yes. While the autosparge uses a 1/2" hose barb on the interior, we found that you can force the locline's link onto the barb and it stays put very well.

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