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Conical to Ball Lock Keg Transfer Kit (EVA TUBING) 1.5" TC size
Conical to Ball Lock Keg Transfer Kit (EVA TUBING) 1.5" TC size

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The following items are included with this product:

This kit provides a connection between the 1.5" TC racking port on your conical or other fermenter to your ball lock corny keg for oxygen free transfers. This particular version of the kit uses 9mm OD EVA barrier tubing and Duotight connections.

This kit includes:

One 1.5" TC to 3/8" compression fitting (stainless steel)
One 1.5" TC clamp
One 1.5" TC gasket (EPDM rubber)
5 feet of 3/8" (9mm) OD EVA Barrier tubing
One Duotight Ball Lock Beverage Side QD

Not included: Method of getting CO into the top of your fermenter. Due to the fact that many people may already have a method of getting CO2 into their fermenter, it is not a forced item in this kit. If you need a way to get CO2 into your fermenter, see some of the accessories on the column on the right.

Best practices for a oxygen free transfer:
  1. Fill your serving keg to the top with sanitizer solution.
  2. Pressurize the keg with CO2 and dispense out all of the sanitizer by attaching the black/yellow QD and hose assembly to the beverage out post. This will leave your keg full of CO2 and zero oxygen and also sanitize the filling hose assembly at the same time. When all the sanitizer has been dispensed out, temporarily disconnect the black/yellow QD from the keg.
  3. Spray the opening of the conical drain valve with sanitizer, then LOOSELY clamp the 1.5" TC compression adapter to the drain valve of the fermenter.
  4. Reconnect the black/yellow QD to the keg and allow some CO2 to leak out of the loose TC connection for about 30 seconds to fully purge any oxygen out. Clamp that TC tight to stop the leak.
  5. Move your co2 hose from the keg to the top of your fermenter.
  6. Vent most of the pressure out of the receiving keg and then open the drain valve on the fermenter.
Important distinctions:

If your beer is carbonated in the fermenter, you would highly benefit from using a spunding valve (adjustable pressure relief valve) on the gas port of your receiving keg. This will maintain carbonation and minimize foaming as the beer transfers.

If your beer is NOT carbonated, you can simply lock the PRV on the keg lid in the open position or attach a grey QD to the gas port with a short hose dropped into a bucket of sanitizer. The latter solution will blow bubbles to indicate that beer is flowing. It will also catch the beer mess if your keg gets full and starts overflowing out of the gas port.

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