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Pull Through Solderable Bulkhead with integrated 5/8" diptube
Pull Through Solderable Bulkhead with integrated 5/8" diptube

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Another variation of our Pull Through Solderable Bulkhead series, this one has a 5/8" compression arrangement on the inside and we include a diptube to go into it. This is designed for install into a Sanke Keg that is destined to be a boil kettle or hot liquor tank. The long diptube will reach all the way to the bottom of the dish of the keg. Please be aware that this specific unit is meant to be soldered or welded into your keg. We have thread in and weldless versions available elsewhere but this isn't it.

Instead of buying a separate pull through bulkhead and dip tube compression assembly for your Hot Liquor Tank (HLT) or Boil Kettle (BK), get it all in one compact piece. What's more is the 5/8" OD dip tube has a larger than 1/2" inside diameter for absolutely no restriction. This becomes more important when you integrate a pump into your brewery. Even if you don't have a pump yet, be smart and buy the high flow diptube the first time.

Instead of including the typical metal ferrule rings to compress against the tubing that is typical of all compression fittings, we use a Nylon/ Delrin high temp and food grade plastic. The advantage to doing this, in this particular application is that you get a seal by simply tightening the compression nut hand tight (or a quarter turn more than that if you have delicate hands ;-)). Metal ferrules require a ton of torque to initially seal and the ring and removing for cleaning requires a wrench.

Note: if you're looking for a dip tube for a flat bottom pot, please consider the standard Male/Female pull through bulkhead with the addition of the thread in pot diptube as a more compact and cheaper alternative.

Here's how it gets installed (assuming male threads outward):
  • Drill or punch a 13/16" hole in your pot (while 13/16" is idea, you can use 3/4" or 7/8" as well).
  • Deburr the hole (file or sand the sharp edges),
  • Degrease the fitting and pot wall with paint thinner, acetone, etc.
  • Thread the centering bushing into the female side of the fitting (this is part of the install tool kit), then push the fitting into the hole in your pot from the inside until it stops.
  • Remove the nut and washer from the install tool and then insert the bolt of the install tool into the PTbulkhead fitting until the large diameter die contacts the pot wall.
  • On the inside of the pot, install the washer and thread on the nut until hand snug.
  • Apply liquid flux to the fitting on the inside of the pot. This will ensure flux coverage when the fitting is pulled into place, but also acts as a lubricant.
  • With a pair of wrenches of some sort, tighten the bolt/nut to pull the fitting through the hole until the large ring at the female end of the fitting makes contact with the inside of the pot wall.
    • Be sure not to over pull the fitting because it is possible to open the hole up too much such that the fitting is not longer a tight fit!
  • Apply a little more flux, heat with a propane torch and apply Stay Brite silver solder to the joint on the inside of the pot. The best joint is achieved if you can lay the pot horizontally so the solder pools evenly.
  • After cooling, clean up the area and polish the heat affected areas with bar keeper's friend or a felt wheel with polishing compound to return the area to the original luster.
Other details:

The install tool is available separately as an accessory. It can be used over and over to install many PTbulkhead fittings. If you would rather pull in a 1/2" NPT full coupling so you can have female threads inside and outside of the pot, you can use the pull tool and PTbulkhead fitting together to create a dimple large enough for the coupling. You will simply keep tightening the install tool until the PTBulkhead fitting passes completely through the hole. You will then reload the tool with the full coupling in place instead of the PTbulkhead and pull that through to whatever position you wish. For this usage, creating an initial hole at 7/8" diameter will make things easier, especially in thicker walled pots.

NOTE: Stainless steel cannot be soldered to aluminum pots. Also, you cannot use standard plumbing flux found in big box stores. You MUST use special liquid acid flux such as found in our accessory silver soldering kits when soldering stainless steel together or to brass or copper.

WARNING: We have only tested this process (and continue to use this method) on holes made with our tungsten carbide hole saw bits. Other methods may be used to make clean holes but methods that work-harden the opening of the hole may make it brittle and prone to splitting when the pull through fitting is forced in. We have had a limited number of reports of punch and dies causing this problem but we are unable to repeat it here in the shop. We will not accept responsibility for damaged pots in any circumstance.

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5 of 5 Pull Through Solderable Bulkhead December 28, 2018
Reviewer: Kevin Tyrrell from Chino, CA United States  
Awesome, and I love the strong bond with the kettle.  Thanks again.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Exactly as Advertised May 22, 2017
Reviewer: Marc Demers from El Mirage, AZ United States  
When I first got into home brewing there was a lot of trial and error and reinventing the wheel. The work area where I store all my I brewing stuff is littered with stainless steel doo-dads, fittings, nuts, washers, silicone gaskets, O-rings, etc, etc, etc, all of which are a hair too big, a hair too small, a hair too thick or a hair too thin. I was never one for using a roll of teflon tape and a tube of silicone caulking to make-up for using mismatched fittings that don't fit.
Finding Brewhardware (for me) was the answer. Someone who's been there, done that, and then decided to design stuff specifically for fellow home brewers.
These pull through solderable bulkheads are exactly what I wanted. There's a little work involved and probably a moderate level of skill with hand tools - but it's not rocket surgery. I am extremely happy with the end result - NO LEAKS, looks great, minimal teflon tape and no silicone caulking.

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