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Omega Yeast OYL-433 German "Bayern" Lager DKO (No Diacetyl Rest Needed)
Omega Yeast OYL-433 German "Bayern" Lager  DKO (No Diacetyl Rest Needed)

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We will not replace or refund shipped liquid yeast that arrives warm/hot under any circumstances. Adding an icepack is an option that may minimize issues when weather is warm or hot in New Jersey, your state, or anywhere in between. Additionally, you may want to have liquid yeast shipped separately with an express shipping method such as UPS next day if you are outside of UPS one-day ground zones. Orders with liquid yeast, being shipped to areas with longer than 1-2 day shipping, will ship on Mondays or Tuesdays.

This strain variation is generally not offered in homebrew packs but it's so intriguing to us that we're willing to buy a relatively large pack minimum to have them custom prop it for us. What's DKO and why do you want it? Omega is doing some mad science here but in a nutshell, they've tweaked the yeast's genes to create an enzyme within the cells that consumes the precursor to diacetyl (the off flavor that tastes like artificial butter). When you ferment a beer, diacetyl is part of the normal process. We usually have to warm a lager up to ale temps for several days prior to crashing to lager temps to be sure the yeast consume the excess diacetyl. Sometimes it doesn't go perfectly and we're left with that dreaded off flavor. This yeast doesn't need to clean it up because it doesn't produce it in the first place. Anyway, read more about it here: https://topcrop.co/controlling-diacetyl-with-aldc...

This batch of DKO is due to arrive at the shop on 8/16/23 so assume a packaging date of approximately 8/13/23.

Thought to come from Munich’s oldest, traditional and vintage-vibed brewery. The Bayern Lager strain is clean, crisp and ferments well at a wide range. It has good flocculation, and has both low sulfur and low diacetyl production.

  • Strain Type


  • Flocculation


  • Attenuation


  • Temperature Range

    51–62° F (11–17° C)

  • Alcohol Tolerance


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Ice Pack for Yeast Shipping

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