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Solder or Weld Thermo Probe Compression Fitting for pots/kegs PCOMP5
Solder or Weld Thermo Probe Compression Fitting for pots/kegs PCOMP5

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If you want to insert a narrow digital thermometer or Thermocouple/RTD probe into your kettle in the most low profile way possible, this is it. Drill a 3/8" hole in your kettle and then you can either TIG weld this fitting in or simply lay in some silver solder at the base. We've designed this to have plenty of surface area for the solder joint.

*We show a temperature probe installed into the fitting in some product pictures but this item does NOT include any thermometer or temperature probe.

General Info for all these types of fittings:

This series of PCOMPx fittings will accept from .19" to a .25" diameter probe (see notes). The included orings make a leak free connection. Again, this
This specific item is PCOMP5 which requires welding or soldering to your pot.

Other Types Available:

PCOMP1 - 1/2" Male NPT to Narrow Probe: If you want to insert the CDN Proaccurate thermometer or a right-angle probe that comes with remote kitchen thermometers. The range of probe diameters supported with this fitting is 1/8" to 1/4". This can be used for both the handheld/remote probes as well as 1/4" capsules like the A419 controller sensors.
PCOMP2 -1/4" Male NPT to Narrow Probe: This version is specifically offered to thread into the open end of the tee in the WLSTNT kit to add digital or remote temperature functionality instead of threading a dial thermometer in. Again, this one is 1/4" NPT male threaded. There is no picture of this option on the page. You can also make this weldless by also adding the 1/4" make weldless kit below. This one only supports probe diameters of up to 3/16" but can be modified for A419 (1/4" OD) probes by drilling the fitting out with a 1/4" drill bit.
PCOMP3 -1/4" Male NPT to Narrow Probe with extended weldless bulkhead for cooler walls up to 1.25" thick.Install notes on this one: Drill a 1/2" hole all the way through both walls of the cooler. Open up the hole in the outside skin of the cooler to about 3/4 and chip out the foam insulation a bit to reveal a clean interior wall surface. The bushing and metal washer insert from the inside. The red gasket gets pushed over the bushing from the OUTSIDE of the inner wall. It's tricky to get it on, but that's how it's designed. Now insert the compression fitting/coupling down into the hole and thread the bushing into it by turning it from inside the cooler. A little tighter than hand tight is enough to create the seal against the gasket.
PCOMP4 -1/4" Female NPT to Narrow Probe with Weldless Parts- Buy this option if you just want to drill a 1/2" (up to 9/16" would be OK) hole in your thin-wall vessel and install a narrow probe thermometer. This is the most economical way to do it.

Note, if you're installing the CDN DTQ450 using option 4 into a direct heated vessel, we highly recommend clipping our HS.SM heatshield onto the fitting to protect the thermometer from intense heat. See accessories below.

Instructions for installing a thermometer into any of these fittings: Once you have the fitting installed into your flow or into your vessel, remove the compression nut from the fitting and place it over your thermometer probe with the open threaded end towards the point. Push the two included red orings over the probe and then insert the probe into the compression fitting. Thread the compression nut onto the fitting to sandwich the orings. Hand tight is generally enough to create a seal. Do not overtighten with a wrench more than one additional turn past hand tight.

Warning!! While the Orings will keep their seal on the probe and allow you to slide the probe while there is liquid in the vessel, obviously you have to be extremely careful that you do not pull the probe all the way as these fittings are not self sealing.

Silicone Orings (PAIR) for Probe compression fittings (Pcomp) Gasket CDN Clock/Timer/Corded Digital Thermometer DTTC CDN Digital Thermometer DTQ450X
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Silicone Orings (PAIR) for Probe compression fittings (Pcomp) Gasket CDN Clock/Timer/Corded Digital Thermometer DTTC CDN Digital Thermometer DTQ450X

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