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Pull Through Solderable Bulkhead with Edge Pickup Kit
Pull Through Solderable Bulkhead with Edge Pickup Kit

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This kit is a combination of our pull through solderable Male/Male bulkhead and the high flow diptube for whirlpool edge pickup. This is a the perfect low profile combination with very minimal thread exposure on the inside of the pot while still having an easy removal of the edge style pickup. In some cases, you may need to trim about a half inch off the end of the tube.The tube is sealed to the bulkhead with an internal silicone oring and the assembly is held to the bulkhead by tightening the hex nut finger tight.

When you really want to have welded-in ports on your vessels but can't find a competent welder, this fitting is the next best thing if you're willing to do some soldering. The tricky part about soldering fittings into the thin walls of pots and kegs is the extremely minimal contact area which does not allow for enough strength. Using these fittings, along with a our reusable install tool, you'll create a tight fitting joint with loads of contact area that is ready for a quick silver solder job.

The fitting has 1/2" male threads on BOTH ENDS, standard NPT on the taper end and short NPS straight threads on the other. We have a M/F version elsewhere. The typical use would be to install it into a vessel with the NPT male threads facing out for direct threading of a ball valve. The male threads on the inside would then accommodate an accessory such as our whirlpool style edge pickup diptube. The machined chamfer on the leading edge of the fitting allows it to enlarge its own hole.

Here's how it gets installed (assuming male threads outward):
  • Drill or punch a 13/16" hole in your THIN walled pot less than 1mm or 7/8" hole in your thicker pots 1mm or thicker,
  • Deburr the hole (file or sand the sharp edges),
  • Degrease the fitting and pot wall with paint thinner, acetone, etc.
  • push the fitting into the hole in your pot from the inside until it stops.
  • Remove the nut and washer from the install tool and then insert the bolt of the install tool into the PTbulkhead fitting until the large diameter die contacts the pot wall.
  • On the inside of the pot, install the washer and thread on the nut until hand snug.
  • Apply liquid flux to the fitting on the inside of the pot. This will ensure flux coverage when the fitting is pulled into place, but also acts as a lubricant.
  • With a pair of wrenches of some sort, tighten the bolt/nut to pull the fitting through the hole until it is set where you want it. We like making it almost flush with the inside wall. If you pull it too far and it pops out of the hole, just reload the fitting and pull again.
  • Apply a little more flux, heat with a propane torch and apply Stay Brite silver solder to the joint on the inside of the pot.
  • After cooling, clean up the area and polish the heat affected areas with bar keeper's friend or a felt wheel with polishing compound to return the area to the original luster.
Other details:

The install tool is available separately as an accessory. It can be used over and over to install many PTbulkhead fittings. If you would rather pull in a 1/2" NPT full coupling so you can have female threads inside and outside of the pot, you can use the pull tool and PTbulkhead fitting together to create a dimple large enough for the coupling. You will simply pull the PTBulkhead fitting into your hole just up until the point where the max diameter is about to be reached then disassemble. You will then reload the tool with the full coupling in place instead of the PTbulkhead and pull that through to whatever position you wish. For this usage, creating an initial hole at 7/8" diameter will make things easier, especially in thicker walled pots.

MAY NEED TRIMMING in some pots. If you can't get the fitting threaded on without binding, you will need to trim the end of the diptube using a cutoff wheel on a dremel or grinder or a tubing cutter.

Note that the tubing portion of this diptube is really big. The OD is 5/8" and the ID is 9/16" for superior flow compared to all the other "maximizers" you find available.

NOTE: Stainless steel cannot be soldered to aluminum pots. Also, you cannot use standard plumbing flux found in big box stores. You MUST use special liquid acid flux such as found in our accessory silver soldering kits when soldering stainless steel together or to brass or copper.

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Silver Solder Kit
Our Price: $12.99

Silver Solder Kit

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5 of 5 July 23, 2020
Reviewer: Sean Powers from Columbus, OH United States  

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5 of 5 March 1, 2020
Reviewer: Ronald Cash from Guy, AR United States  

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3 of 5 Easy install, but dip tube did not fit January 13, 2020
Reviewer: Roger Jackman from Harrisonburg, VA United States  
I love the solder-in fittings available through BrewHardware! Drilling the SS was the hardest part of the install....other than making the side pickup diptube fit. I have a Tall Boy 14.5" diameter brew kettle, and the diptube would only fit if set at an angle of ~45-degrees. I was not going to mount the port 4" above the bottom, so I had to do a fair amount of hacking and grinding to get it to fit just off the bottom. Even with it fitting much better, it stops drawing boiled wort out once the level hits the top of the pickup (~1/2" off the bottom). I might consider the 90-degree elbow with the Trub Guard if I had to do it again.

BrewHardware Response: Yes, the tube may need trimming in some pots. Considering the fact that this particular fitting is user installed by pulling through the hole prior to soldering, we can't anticipate how flush you would like to install it. For those reading, expect to possibly have to trip the end of the tubing a bit shorter, preferably without "hacking it".

To address the comment about the drainage stopping when the level hits the top of the opening. That's going to happen in any pickup tube. If you want every drop, you'll want to trim the bottom of the open end on an angle so that the entire opening is practically resting on the bottom. We tend to put a shim under the far end of the pot during draining if we want to maximize how much liquid drains out.

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