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Racking Arm, TC Diptube, TC Whirlpool, Custom Build 1" OD TUBING VERSION304SS
Racking Arm, TC Diptube, TC Whirlpool, Custom Build 1" OD TUBING VERSION304SS

Our Price: $34.00


Bend Angle for 1" OD Custom:

Leg A length for 1" OD Custom:

Leg B length for 1" OD Custom:

Racking Arm FF length:

Racking Arm Indicator/Handle?:

Racking Arm Tube Finish:

SStube Outside Diameter*:

Inward TC Flange Size:

Outward TC Flange Size:

We get calls every day to create pieces of stainless tubing with certain dimensions, bends and welded fitting configurations. This particular custom build product is for a TC clamp-in style rotating racking arm. They can also be used for pickup tubes or whirlpool returns for TC ported kettles. All 304 grade stainless steel.

The two TC flanges are welded directly to the tube and creates a sanitary joint. The interior of the tubing is Argon flushed during welding to keep the interior sanitary. Note that welds are performed on the surfaces that touch your product, not on the back side of the TC flanges.

Understand the inputs into the drop down menu options (The picture should help understand these)

Tubing OD: THIS specific product is for a 1" OD sanitary tubing. We offer 1/2 and 5/8" OD versions on another product page.

TC flange sizes We currently offer 1" / 1.5" (both of these standards use a flange that measures approximately 2" across) and 2" TC flanges (which measure approximately 2.5" across). We break this option down into "Inward" and "Outward" in case you need two mismatching sizes. Inward is facing into the tank, i.e. the side that clamps to the TC flange on the outside of the tank. Outward is the flange you'd be clamping your butterfly valve to.

FF Length” is measured between the faces of the TC flanges. One inch is minimum to allow for the TC clamps.

Leg “A” length is measured from the end to the intersection of legs or midpoint of the bend.
Leg “B” length is measured from the midpoint of the bend to the face of the TC flange.

Bend Angle is measured from “straight” and typically ranges from 45 to 90 degrees for a racking arm. This example in the picture shows an 80 degree bend. We can only do a 90 degree bend in 1" tubing at this time. Note that there WILL be weld seams between straight sections of tubing and the bend because our 90s are pre-formed and welded in.

Bend Radius and Leg Length Constraints! Please understand that our ability to make short legs is limited by the pre-bent sections of 1" tubing we have on hand. We have straight lengths of 1" tubing as well as weld-on 90 bends. If you specify a measurement we can't accomplish, we will contact you.

Tube FINISH: Our stainless steel tubing typically starts with a matte light grey/silver finish. If you would like us to polish the exterior tubing up to the same shine as the TC fittings, select this option as "YES".

Indicator/Handle: We can weld a short piece of SS bar stock to the exterior of the assembly in the same direction as the inner tube bend so that you always know what direction the bent tube is facing. You can avoid needing this by orienting the external valve a certain way and clamping it tightly to the racking arm.


Length tolerance +/- 0.25"


We are not responsible for misunderstandings in communicating the specs of this unit. We have made every effort to clearly describe what the inputs are and how they are measured. If you have any questions prior to ordering, please feel free to contact us.

We are NOT interested in supplying your business with large quantities of these. They are hand made in our shop and we do not have the resources for bulk purchasing.

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