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Spike Triclamp HERMS Coil - Large
Spike Triclamp HERMS Coil - Large

Our Price: $250.00


HERMS COILS are installed in the Hot Liquor Tank of a 3-vessel brewing system. It is used to restore or impart heat into the mash by pumping the liquid from the mash tun through the HERMS coil. The HLT water is maintained at a few degrees higher than the desired mash temperature. While this type of system can be direct fired on a burner, temperature control is much more practical when the HLT is heated electrically and regulated by a precise temperature controller.

This particular TC based kit includes the TC to compression adapters required to install a HERMS coil into 1.5" TC ports that are facing outwards in the kettle. In other words, it does not require TC flanges facing inward. The compromise is that the coil does not quickly come out of the kettle via disconnection of the TC clamps but rather the compression nuts on the fittings must be loosened to remove the coil from the fittings.

The large coil featured here is adequate for kettle sizes from 15 to 50 gallons.

Product Specifications
50' x 1/2"
304 Stainless Steel
Coils for Tri Clamp kettles (Spike+) include (2) tri-clamp fittings, (2) 1.5” clamps, and (2) 1.5” gaskets.

As with all Spike components, we typically stock a limited supply and may opt to drop ship directly from Spike. If you want to pick this up at the store, call ahead to check stock.

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