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Spunding valve tee assembly with various tank/keg connection options
Spunding valve tee assembly with various tank/keg connection options

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This spunding assembly includes everything you see in the photo (if you select Ball Lock in the dropdown)

The assembly includes the following:
Threaded 1/4" NPT Tee
0-30 PSI Gauge threaded into one port.
Adjustable PRV (Pressure Relief Valve) Modified for lower pressures in another port
Options for the remaining "tank connection" port:
Ball Lock or Pin Lock Gas QD, SANKE, or 1.5" TC adapter (select in drop down)
Note that if you select SANKE, the input to the spunding will be a tailpiece and beer nut but it does NOT include a keg coupler. If you are connecting to a conical fermenter, the 1.5" TC option would make sense.

Note that if you also want to be able to feed pressure into the same system, we have a spunding available with a ball lock gas input post as well.

*note that we've modified the PRV to have a lighter spring in order to make the lower pressure adjustability more sensitive in the 0-30 PSI range. We don't know the exact maximum pressure it will hold, but it is at least 30 PSI. The PRV has pressure markings on it but the new spring re-calibrates the unit such that the markings are completely unreliable. Vent pressure must be set by watching the gauge.

Uses? Measuring carbonation level in a keg already carbonated (measure temp, measure constant pressure over an hour, refer to carbonation chart), Vent a keg that is naturally carbonating with priming sugar to avoid overcarbonation, pressure ferment in a corny (the true meaning of spunding).

We've had a lot of questions about how to use this device. First, please be aware that we don't have a lot of experience using spunding for pressure ferments but here are a few notes. You can use this device to check and/or vent a keg that has had the gas source disconnected. If you want to just use it to check pressure, turn the PRV all the way clockwise so that it doesn't vent and then connect to the keg's gas post. If the pressure is higher than you wanted, turn the PRV counterclockwise to allow venting.

In order to set the PRV pressure for venting during fermentation, it's best to pressurize the keg first to just over your desired vent pressure, rotate the PRV clockwise nearly all the way and then attach the spunding valve to the keg. Rotate the knob counter-clockwise slowly until it begins venting. Find the spot where it vents down to your desired pressure and then stops. To check that you've set it properly, remove the spunding, repressurize the keg to a few PSI above your set pressure and then reattach the spunding to watch for appropriate pressure venting.

This process sounds tedious but gets much easier after you've done it once or twice. You can also save gas by connecting the spunding directly to a gas source using our ball lock jumper post. If you don't have a CO2 source, it would be best to start using the spunding until after fermentation has become quite active.
That way it will be building pressure while you are working on adjusting the knob

Warning:We recommend using a corny keg with a lid mounted overpressure vent in ADDITION to using the spunding. It's always better to have redundant overpressure protection when fermenting in a pressure vessel. NOTE: the pressure scales on the adjustable vent are meaningless, ignore them. We have changed the stock 0-100psi spring out for one that is closer to 0-20psi. If you want it to hold a little more pressure, you can remove the spring, stretch it out so that it measures about 1.25” at rest and reinstall. We’ve also included the stock spring in a little zip lock bag should you wish to restore it to full 100psi capability (NOT RECOMMENDED)

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Worked well May 9, 2019
Reviewer: Stephen Cheng from Burke, VA United States  
Worked well, used for kegging, so the lower PSI was great

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August 26, 2018
Reviewer: Brian Conradt from NOBLESVILLE, IN United States  

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GREAT spunding valve March 19, 2018
Reviewer: Geoff Wold from Minneapolis, MN United States  
I tried someone else's cheap spunding valve and it was a complete pain.  I returned it and got this and am very happy with it.  Don't bother with any other product, get this.  The re-worked mechanism (new spring) gives you much more precise control than anything else out there on the market.

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It works February 24, 2018
Reviewer: Jacob Behm from Oviedo, FL United States  
As advertized.

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Pressure ferment lagers now and believe me later December 8, 2017
Reviewer: John from Seattle, WA United States  
I saw a review wishing they were relabled for the lighter spring.  I have been using these end dial valves from an industrial source, and the original labels have no relation to actual pressure either.  They work well and I wish I would have seen them here first for the same price with the spring upgrade!   Brew Hardware kills it every time!

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