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Blichmann 1.5" TC Stationary Diptube / Whirlpool Return
Blichmann 1.5" TC Stationary Diptube / Whirlpool Return

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If you have an external facing 1.5" TC port on your pot or tank but nothing on the inside to connect to, this is a bit of clever engineering. Instead of having a double ended TC flange that requires an extra set of clamps and gaskets, this device is co-molded with the TC gasket. It gets sandwiched between your kettle's outward facing 1.5" TC port and the TC valve that you were already going to use.

This setup is cheaper and more compact since your valves are not cantilevered away from the kettle, but the downside is that the pickup tube / whirlpool return's rotation orientation is fixed once you clamp the valve on. In other words, it's not rotatable once you have liquid in the tank. We've experimented with applying some keg lube to the kettle side of the gasket so that side would slip while the valve stayed anchored, but not successful 100 percent of the time. Just assume it's not rotatable.

Don't forget! The 1.5" TC size designation means that the actual flange diameter measures 2". This is not obvious to casual users and is a common source of frustration.

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