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Temp Controller, 240V/50a Brew Buddy II, DIY KIT
Temp Controller, 240V/50a Brew Buddy II, DIY KIT

Our Price: $999.00


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THIS VERSION of the Brew Buddy II is a DIY kit with all the same components of the complete plug and play unit with the exception of the internal wiring. You install all the components into the enclosure and wire them. This project should take about 6 hours total to assemble if you're good with wire strippers and crimp terminals. You will receive instructions written by Auber.

The Brew Buddy II is a fully functional control panel for 3-vessel systems (usually HERMS systems). This version of the Brew Buddy has a single 50 amp input which will allow both of the elements to be fired at the same time (only useful if you plan to brew two batches on the same day back to back).
To the untrained eye, it may appear that this controller is missing the timer module that other controllers on the market feature but this panel does not require extra modules for a timer. The brains installed on this panel for both HLT and Boil Kettle have their own timers built in.


  • Two EZBoil DSPR-320 controller brains that provide flexibility with programming for mashing and boiling. One EZboil monitors hot liquor temperature and the other for boil control.
  • A dual-channel read only thermometer that monitors both the entrance and the exit of HERMS coil (or anywhere else in the process you find useful to know temperature). If you use an external chiller like a CFC or Plate Chiller, one of these probes can be positioned at the exit of the chiller so you can dial in your cooling water flow.
  • All-in-one power meter that shows real-time voltage and amperage consumption.
  • Two independently controlled 120V outlets for pumps. One is to drive a water pump and the other one is to drive a wort pump. Note that the receptacles for these pumps are locking L5-15R so you will need adapters for straight bladed pump plugs (or simply cut them off and replace with L5-15P plugs).
  • Inter-locked switching system that reduces the chances of accidentally turning on the system when it is not ready.
  • Independent circuit breakers for each heater and pump.
  • Independent contactors for each input and output port for extra safety protection. This ensures that when the element selector switch is in the off position, no voltage can flow to the elements.
  • One PT100 RTD probe for Hot Liquor Tank temperature control.
  • Two PT100 RTD probes for auxiliary temperature sensing (mash exit temp, mash return temp, or chiller output temp)
  • One PT100 RTD probe for Boil Kettle power control.
  • Flashing buzzer and alarm indicator.
  • Illuminated switches for easy operation.
  • Steel wall-mount enclosure with a durable, black powder coated finish.
The panel is built with some of Auber's most popular products for the beer brewing community. For example, the new advanced version of EZboil® controller, DSPR320A. It is a digital power regulator designed to automate the liquid boiling process. It has both step mashing and multi-events boiling features. Step mashing is a temperature control function that utilizes special mashing artificial intelligence algorithms, making it easier and more convenient to operate than a traditional PID controller. The multi-events boiling feature can bring the liquid to boil at the maximum speed and then automatically reduce the power to maintain the boil at the desired level, providing a linear and uniform power output with 1% resolution. The power adjustment is done with a rotary encoder that is easier to operate compared to manual button adjustments. Up to nine brew steps can be programmed for a variety of purposes, e.g., adding ingredients at specific intervals.
To prevent running the heater dry or having water spray all over the place, the pump control switches and heater switch are interlocked with the main power switch. Operator will not be able to power up the system unless the pump and heater are in the off position. Three 2-pole 32A contactors are used for controlling the input and output ports for added safety on North American 240VAC power lines. They will cut both the L1 and L2 lines when manually turned off. The input contactor will make the internal control panel safe when it is being opened for service. The output contactors will make the output port safe to touch when the heater switches are turned off. Both the 240V AC for heater and 120VAC for pumps are protected by separate circuit breakers. If the heater or pump fails in short, these circuit breakers will trip and shut off the heater/pump to prevent further damage.

TIP! Refer to our controller buyer's guide to compare key features of all the controller's we offer.

Temperature sensor options:
This controller includes FOUR PT100 RTD probes, each with one 8' braided cable with quick disconnects on both ends. 19 different probe length/thread options are offered. See the table below for more information. Please choose the probe option above accordingly. We stock a few Cube controllers at a time and we have smaller assortment of different probe types. If you request a probe that we don't stock, we may just drop ship the controller from Auber so you get it quicker. You will first select whether the probe is NPT/Weldess or Triclamp to drive the price. Then you will type in the Option number in the table below to specify exactly which probe you want. The TRICLAMP versions have a price premium of $15 per probe.

Option# TYPE THIS NUMBER IN ABOVEPart#(Probe Model)Tip Length (inch)Thread SizeComment
1PT100-L50NPT21/4 NPTTip length includes the NPT thread.

Weldless Bulkheads require 9/16" hole in the kettle for M14 and 5/8" hole for the M16. If you are drilling a new hole in your kettle, we recommend the M14 weldless in whatever probe length you desire.
2PT100-L100NPT41/4 NPT
3PT100-L401/2NPT1.51/2 NPT
4PT100-L601/2NPT2.51/2 NPT
5PT100-L1001/2NPT41/2 NPT
6PT100-L1501/2NPT61/2 NPT
7PT100-L2001/2NPT81/2 NPT
8PT100-L50M142M14 Weldless bulkhead
9PT100-L100M144M14 Weldless bulkhead
10PT100-L200M148M14 Weldless bulkhead
11PT100-L50M162M16 Weldless bulkhead
12PT100-L100M164M16 Weldless bulkhead
13PT100-C-401.581.5" Tri-clampFor ports with TC flanges that measure 2" actual diameter.
14PT100-C-602.361.5" Tri-clamp
15PT100-C-15061.5" Tri-clamp
16PT100-C-20081.5" Tri-clamp
17PT100-C-2-602.362" Tri-clamp
Compatible with
2" TC system where the flange diameter is 2.5" actual.
18PT100-C-2-15062" Tri-clamp
19PT100-C-2-20082" Tri-clamp
Our favorite probe for the HLT and Boil Kettle direct install is the PT100-L50M14 due to its simple fast install and the ability to remove it fully from the kettle by hand with no tools.

Some customers that use 1.5" TC ports for everything on their kettles would find the Triclamp probe options more appropriate.

Power rating:
The Auber Brew Buddy I is designed for North America 240V AC power lines that require four lines power connections (L1, L2, N and G). It is rated as 50 Amp, 240V. The power input socket on the back of the controller is a CS6375. A cable is NOT included. These can be purchased at various places under the name "50amp Generator Cable".

The two power output sockets for heaters are NEMA L6-30R. Maximum power output is 30A, 240V. Two power output sockets for pump are NEMA 5-15R. Maximum power output is 10A, 120V for each pump output. Total power output (one heater and two pumps) is limited to 30A. For your convenience, we list three cable lengths in the accessories list to the right. This cable is required from the controller element output to the element itself and you will need TWO.

We often stock ONE of these units in the store but will often drop ship directly from Auber for convenience. If you want to pick up at the store, call ahead to check stock.

Heater Control Output 30A, 240VAC maximum. NEMA L6-30R Connector.
Pump Control Output10A, 120VAC maximum. NEMA L5-15R socket.
Input Connection30A, four conductors. L14-30R Connector.
Sensor Pt100 RTD sensor, XLR connector.
Circuit Breaker(2) 32A 2-pole and (1) 10A 1-pole.
Temperature ControllerAuber DSPR320A
ThermometerAuber SYL-2802
Dimension (W x H x D)16 x 12 x 8 inch (40 x 30 x 20 cm)
Weight28 lb (12.7 kg)
WarrantyOne (1) year limited warranty. See here for details.

Cable, 10/3 Extension Cord THREE FEET (3') Nema L6-30 Male and Female
Our Price: $37.00

Cable, 10/3 Extension Cord THREE FEET (3') Nema L6-30 Male and Female
Cable, 10/3 Extension Cord EIGHT FEET (8') Nema L6-30 Male and Female
Our Price: $39.00

Cable, 10/3 Extension Cord EIGHT FEET (8') Nema L6-30 Male and Female
Cable, 10/4 Cord (4ft) with Nema 14-30P Male Plug
Our Price: $31.99

Cable, 10/4 Cord (4ft) with Nema 14-30P Male Plug
Cable, 10/3 Extension Cord TEN FEET (10') Nema L6-30 Male and Female
Our Price: $42.00

Cable, 10/3 Extension Cord TEN FEET (10') Nema L6-30 Male and Female

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