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Weldless Sightglass Tee Kit, No Thermometer, TPNT for Pot
Weldless Sightglass Tee Kit, No Thermometer, TPNT for Pot

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This sight glass or level indicating accessory takes the guess work out of determining how much liquid is in any of your hot side brewing vessels. It is most commonly installed in hot liquor tanks to measure strike and sparge water volumes, but is also very useful in boil kettles to measure pre and post boil volumes.

While weldless systems have gotten a bad rep amongst homebrewers, this design is different. When installed per instructions, the unit is 100% guaranteed not to leak the first time and any time you reinstall it (no leak reports in at least 5000 units sold).

This model TPNT is specifically for a standard kettle with vertical walls. We have other models for kegs available. The "NT" tee kits leave you with an open port measuring 1/4" npt pipe thread for threading in your own accessories like RTD probes, thermometers or a plug. None of these are included.


19" Polycarbonate Tubing rated to 250F.*
Stainless Hardware (1/4" NPT Tee)
High Temp. Silicone Gasket
Stainless eye bolt for securing the tube to the top of your keg
Black Vinyl Numbers for each gallon mark from 2 to 15. (5-60 liter also available)

Note: standard length is 19" and these are the ones that are in stock and ready to ship right away. Extended lengths of 24 and 36" may incur 2-4 days of additional lead time.

Install Instructions:

1. LOCATE the preferred center point for the sight glass bulkhead hole.

Make sure the interior stainless steel washer will not rest against the bottom curvature between the pot sidewall and bottom. The whole assembly needs to be on a flat area of the side wall.

2. Drill a clean 1/2" (better) or 9/16" diameter hole in the sidewall of your metal vessel, preferably with a step or “uni” bit. Tip: Start any hole with a small 1/8" pilot hole as most larger bits are not great at getting the initial hole through the metal. Deburr any sharp edges from the hole by either running the step bit from the inside or by using a metal file or sand paper. Be extremely careful working on the drilled hole until the sharp edges are smoothed out.

3.Unscrew the threaded bushing from the elbow fitting and remove the silicone gasket.

4.Leave the metal washer(s) on the bushing and insert it through the hole in the vessel from the inside.

5.Push the red silicone washer over the threads on the outside of the vessel all the way tight to the sidewall. (most people ignore this and complain about leaks. We assume that if you're already reading this, you'll probably get it right so thanks for that. Again, the gasket goes on the OUTSIDE of the pot.

6.Hold the tee fitting and tube in front of the threads and turn the bushing from the inside to thread it in. The silicone washer should crush slightly between the fitting and the vessel wall but do NOT over tighten. It is better to undertighten and adjust a bit tighter later if it leaks. Note that the silicone gasket should be the only thing between the fitting and the outside wall of your vessel. You should NOT use teflon tape or any other type of thread sealant on the threads of the weldless bushing. The seal is made with the gasket.

7. Make the tube straight up and down (plumb) and mark a spot to drill the 1/4" hole at the very top of the vessel for the eyebolt. Leave one nut on the eyebolt threads, slip the loop over the top of the sightgass tubing, insert the eyebolt threads into your 1/4" hole, and thread the second nut onto the threads from the interior of the vessel. The distance the tubing is held from the vessel can be adjusted before tightening everything up. On a straight pot, be sure to locate the hole as high as you can without the interior nut interfearing with an inset style lid. On a keg, you can locate the hole at about the middle of the top skirt avoiding the rolled edge at the very top.

Tip: Take the time to make sure the tube is straight. I know you're anxious to get the job done but if you eyeball it badly, you'll regret it every time you brew and see a crooked tube.


1. Level the vessel, apply a vertical piece of masking tape to the side of the tube, and add a carefully measure gallon of water at a time noting each gallon on the tape. Empty the vessel and remove the sight glass. Cut the number strip into individual numbers, remove the rigid paper off the number, apply at the correct level on the tube. Remove the clear top masking leaving ONLY the black vinyl number behind. (It's probably better to view the video to get this). If you are adventurous, you can apply the decals directly to the sight glass while calibrating the level, but we find it's much easier to get a clean straight application with the tube laying down horizontally.

2. If you make a mistake applying the vinyl numbers, you should be able to scrape them off with your fingernail without damaging the tubing. However, do NOT use any solvents or adhesive removers except for rubbing alcohol on a paper towel and some elbow grease. Unfortunately if this happens, you'll have to buy another strip of numbers.


If after initial installation you find the tubing is sticking up past the top of the vessel, you may want to trim it flush to make it look better and avoid snagging.

1. Mark the cut line with a sharpie marker or piece of tape. WARNING, if you are using tape to mark the cut line, be sure to note which edge represents the cut line or you may cut the tubing short by whatever the thickness of the tape is.

2. Remove the kit from the vessel, laying the tubing down on a piece of cloth to avoid scratching, and cut the tubing with a hack saw or other fine-toothed trim saw. You can also use a tubing cutter designed for copper pipe to make a score cut around the tubing and then snapping it. In either case, you can clean up the cut edge with a piece of sandpaper wrapped around a block of wood.

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