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HotRod Heat Stick, DIY Kit (Hot Rod)

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Hotrod Drop Tube Option:

This is the barebones kit version of our Hot Rod Heat Stick

This kit was our answer to all the DIY contraptions that use miscellaneous plumbing parts and various epoxies and sealants to make a leak free system. We've designed this from the ground up using 100% TIG welded 304 stainless steel. The heart of the system is the lower electrical enclosure which is based on 2" triclover flange. It allows for a wide open hole to make the electrical connections but also be reliably water tight. The most important part is the solidly welded ground lug that provides the important earth ground for safety.

What's included:

  • Main body consisting of the 2" TC canister with a long welded on vertical wire conduit. The top of the conduit has a 1/2" Female NPT bushing welded on and we also include a cord grip threaded in there.
  • 2" TC x 1" NPS adapter for threading in the heating element of your choice. This adapter is fully custom and includes a groove for the sealing oring to sit tight. We also include the TC clamp and gasket.
  • Various electrical ring terminals and ground connection hardware. You'll need to crimp these terminals to the wiring yourself unless you add the labor charge.
  • A hanging clamp that will hold the HotRod against the sidewall of your pot and keep it from flopping over. This clamp is height adjustable and holds tight on the drop conduit using a wingnut.

What is NOT included:


We offer all these items on the website as well as a prewire labor charge if you'd like us to do that work. Alternatively we've created one or more prewired/preconfigured versions you can get in one click.

The only mods offered are whether the drop conduit is bent or not and how much of a bend it has. The height when left straight is about 27". With a 90 degree bend you lose about 5 inches of wall clearance and with 170 degrees you lose about 9" of wall clearance.

Wire Notes: The drop conduit ID is large enough for 12/3 SJ style cord to pass through without or without the bend and without any mods to the cord. When using a higher wattage element like 4500 or 5500 watts, you'll be using 10/3 cable. That's when it gets interesting. You will have to strip the external jacket off the cable, as well as remove the packing twine in order to fit the three internal insulated conductors through the conduit. It's not difficult to do when the tube is left straight. If you want to use 10/3 cable and still want us to bend it, you'll have to get our cable and use the drop down "pull and prewire" under the hot rod labor item.

When selecting an element, keep in mind that the Hot Rod's enclosure adds about 2.5 inches of horizontal depth to whatever length the element is.

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Additional heat source March 23, 2017
Reviewer: Jeff Bueckert from Guelph, ON Canada  
Bought this to add additional heat for stove top brewing. My new kettle (10gal) was too large for my one stove element to get to a rolling boil. Adding in the additional 1500W will do the trick.

Unpacking it, everything looked great. I was missing the support bracket initially but a quick call in, and then sent it out that day. Checked out the construction with a leak test (I did purchase prewire labor), and absolutely no moisture.

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Solid product February 16, 2017
Reviewer: Derek Lechner from Hartford, WI United States  
Great product, it is solid construction.  Installed wire and element, I now have a portable heat-stick that I feel comfortable using.

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It Does what I need it to. February 16, 2017
Reviewer: Grey Dziuba from Rome, GA United States  
I never had to worry about boil over with the grainfather, but I do now.

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Great new addition to my brewstand January 12, 2017
Reviewer: John Anderson from Pasadena, TX United States  
This thing is great. BH shipped it fast ( as always ) and it came well packed with all its O-rings, screws and parts secure and in good shape.
 Took hardly any time at all to have the wire pulled, stripped, GFCI plug put on and element in position and soaking in a 5 G bucket. Checked it for leaks several hours later and the inside of the canister was dry as a bone.
 This will definitely make maintaining my HLT / herms  temps much easier / accurate than using gas as I have been. Now, I'll just use gas to bring the tank up to temp then switching to the HotRod / pid box to maintain Mash temp and sparge.
  Highly Recommend, especially if your having second thoughts about putting another hole in kettle or pot.

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Works like a charm December 1, 2016
Reviewer: Michael Salvatore from Texas  
After watching the YouTube video, the setup was a breeze. Pulling the 10/3 cable was a bit tricky due to the thickness, but everything else was a cinch to install. Just completed my first electric batch a few days ago and I'm kicking myself for not converting sooner.  Definitely recommend purchasing, especially if you have no interest putting holes in your vessels.

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