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Large Thread-In Sightglass Tee Kit with 3 Dial Thermometer
Large Thread-In Sightglass Tee Kit with 3 Dial Thermometer

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Sightglass Decals:

Sight Glass Length:

If you already have a 1/2" NPT coupling welded into your kettle (or plan to), this sight glass kit will give you a sight glass and a easy to read 3" dial thermometer in a single thread-in package.


  • 19" Polycarbonate Tubing rated to 250F threaded into a stainless bushing (model SB kit). The tubing will exend approximately 20.5" above the centerpoint of your welded in coupling). If you need a longer length for larger vessels, you can specify a 24" tube on the custom page or contact up for longer lengths.
  • 1/2" NPT SS Tee
  • 1/2" close nipple (goes between the tee and your welded in coupling)
  • 3" Dial Face Thermometer, 6" probe length, 20-240F (Celcius marks as well), 1% of range accuracy. RECALIBRATION SCREW ON BACK..
  • Black Vinyl Numbers for each gallon mark from 2 to 15.(5-50 liter also available, see options)
  • 1/4" x 4" SS eyebolt (for securing the top)
Note: standard length is 19" and these are the ones that are in stock and ready to ship right away. Extended lengths of 24 and 36" may incur 2-4 days of additional lead time.

Install Requirements:

This kit requires that you already have a 1/2" coupling installed in the lower sidewall of your vessel (or want to have one welded in) presenting 1/2" NPT Female threads externally.If you don't already have one to weld in, you can buy one here. An alternative to welding in a coupling is to silver solder a 1/2" welding spud though we don't specifically provide support for how to do this.
Put a few turns of teflon tape on the threads of the close nipple before threading the tee assembly in to your coupling.
After the tee is installed with the side port facing up, thread in the bushing/sight tube and thermometer putting a few turns of teflon tape on each.
Secure the tubing upright at the top of your pot by installing a stainless eyebolt.

Calibration Instructions:

1. Level the vessel, apply a vertical piece of masking tape to the side of the tube, and add a carefully measure gallon of water at a time noting each gallon on the tape. Empty the vessel and remove the sight glass. Cut the number strip into individual numbers, remove the rigid paper off the number, apply at the correct level on the tube. Remove the clear top masking leaving ONLY the black vinyl number behind. (It's probably better to view the video to get this). If you are adventurous, you can apply the decals directly to the sight glass while calibrating the level, but we find it's much easier to get a clean straight application with the tube laying down horizontally.

2. If you make a mistake applying the vinyl numbers, you should be able to scrape them off with your fingernail without damaging the tubing. However, do NOT use any solvents or adhesive removers except for rubbing alcohol on a paper towel and some elbow grease. Unfortunately if this happens, you'll have to buy another strip of numbers.


If after initial installation you find the tubing is sticking up past the top of the vessel, you may want to trim it flush to make it look better and avoid snagging.

1. Mark the cut line with a sharpie marker or piece of tape. WARNING, if you are using tape to mark the cut line, be sure to note which edge represents the cut line or you may cut the tubing short by whatever the thickness of the tape is.

2. Remove the kit from the vessel, laying the tubing down on a piece of cloth to avoid scratching, and cut the tubing with a hack saw or other fine-toothed trim saw. You can also use a tubing cutter designed for copper pipe to make a score cut around the tubing and then snapping it.


1. Apply about three layers of teflon tape to the end of the threads of the thermometer clockwise if the dial is facing away from you.

2. Thread it into the end of the tee fitting by hand until it gets snug, then switch to an adjustable or box wrench on the hex of the thermometer (it is not recommended to use pliers or pipe wrench with "teeth"). Since you'd like to have the thermometer's face remain upright for asthetic reasons, try to anticipate when the threads will become too tight to turn for another bit of rotation. We've found that once 1/2" NPT threads become too tight to turn by hand that you will get about one more full rotation more with a wrench. With appropriate application of teflon tape, the thermometer does not have to be tighted to maximum wrench torque in order to be leak free. This is a low pressure connection.

3. If you find that the thermometer is not upright when you've reached a "tight enough" state, decide wether the face will become upright with a small amount of clockwise rotation. If so, try getting it upright with the wrench. You will be able to apply much more torque by removing the kit from the vessel temporarily and holding the tee fitting with a pipe wrench or even holding it down on a flat surface and placing your knee on the fitting. Please don't overdo it. If you can't quite get the face upright, it's best to back off, remove the thermo, reapply the teflon tape and reinstalling STOPPING at the upright location that is a little looser.

Heat Shield Large for LTS style sight glasses. Bent to avoid 3" dial thermometer face.
Our Price: $10.00

Heat Shield Large for LTS style sight glasses. Bent to avoid 3" dial thermometer face.

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