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Spincycle Submerge Weldless Low Port Kettle Whirlpool Return
Spincycle Submerge Weldless Low Port Kettle Whirlpool Return

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Bulkhead Hole Size*:

Brewers that use immersion chillers and also own a pump should know that recirculating the wort back into the kettle to whirlpool the wort makes for much faster cooling and will also make a concentrated pile of trub and hop particles in the center of the kettle bottom.

Introducing the BrewHardware exclusive and purpose-built unit called the SpinCycle Submerge. We started with our industry leading "True Bulkhead" weldless bulkhead design with captured O-ring and extended male threads. The result is THE most compact and visually stunning way to whirlpool. It includes the base unit with a 90 degree bored opening on the interior of the pot, the captured high temp silicone oring, a thin SS washer and a 1/2" NPS locknut to hold it all together. Best of all, look at that price! You couldn't get a professional welder to tack weld two pieces of scrap together for this much.

Unlike the original SpinCycle whirlpool setup which installs above the liquid level, this fitting is meant to install approximately 2" below your typical finished batch size (or the smallest batch size you are to perform in the kettle). Since it is installed under the liquid level, it WILL require a valve on the exterior of the pot.

Most Frequently Asked Question? Should you use the original SpinCycle or the SCSubmerge? Yes. Seriously they both get the job done. The SCSubmerge adds more bulk to the exterior of the pot since it has the valve requirement but it puts less hardware inside the kettle that would otherwise need to be cleaned. The SCSubmerge can also be rotated to spin the whirlpool in either direction unlike the original design that is fixed clockwise (unless you ordered it differently).

Second Most Frequently Asked Question? If they are both comparable, why offer two versions? The SCSubmerge is actually the solution for people that may already have a relatively low hole drilled for a dial thermometer but want to swap the thermometer for a whirlpool. A great example of this is those who converted over to Brew In A Bag brewing where a thermometer probe would snag and rip the bag.


These can be added to the cart in the Since the exterior of the pot will have 1/2" Male NPT threads sticking out, you'll have to decide how you want to attach your hose returning from the pump. As mentioned, you'll need either a 2 piece or 3 piece full flow ball valve directly on the outside of this unit. It is not included, see the accessories.

Install Notes:
Drill a clean 13/16" diameter hole in the sidewall of the pot, below the minimum liquid level line you plan to use. It is also important to remove any sharp edges or "burrs" from the inside edge of the hole, otherwise the oring can get torn. Pro Tip: If you are using a step bit to make this hole, drill most of the steps from the outside of the pot all the way up to the 3/4" size. Then drill to 13/16 from the inside of the pot to remove the sharp burr. If you have a sharp edge on the outside of the pot, it will NOT affect the interior oring seal at all. It will get covered with the SS washer anyway.

If you already have a hole in your pot that is 7/8" or slightly larger, you should select the 7/8" hole size in the drop down menu.

Insert the threaded portion of the unit through the hole from the inside of your pot or keg with only the oring in place. On the outside, install the metal washer and locknut and snug everything up with a wrench. You can insert a stubby screw driver into the interior hole to keep it from spinning while tightening the exterior locknut.

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WHIRLPOOL BUYER'S GUIDE - Everything you ever wanted to know about it and more.

First, all we're trying to accomplish here is to get the volume of the liquid in the kettle spinning. It's accomplished by drawing off liquid from the drain bulkhead, into a pump and then from the pump into a specific piece of hardware that forces the flow parallel to the kettle wall (more on that later).

Well, there are a few reasons why a brewer would stir liquid during brew day. CHILLING. If you use a drop in immersion chiller you can either manually stir aggressively or whirlpool stir the wort to decrease chilling time substantially. HERMS SYSTEMS: If you have a 3 vessel system with a HERMS heat exchange coil in your hot liquor tank, you must stir the water in the HLT to ensure consistent heat exchange in the coil. KETTLE TRUB SEPARATION: The stirring motion puts all your hops, hot and cold break (trub) in a neat pile. Why it happens is interesting science and you can learn all about it by searching for the "Tea Leaf Paradox". Here's a demo video: https://youtu.be/dGAFxs63SlE?t=66
If trub separation is your goal, we recommend using a kettle fining agent such as whirlfloc. Shut the pump down after about 3 minutes of stirring and leave the kettle alone for at least 30 minutes, or up to an hour. That lets some of the finer particles settle all the way down to the bottom.. Then slowly draw off the clean wort using a diptube as close to the kettle wall as possible. HOP STANDS A lot of modern recipes call for whirlpool hopping or a "hop stand". Besides trying different temperatures for this process, many people also recommend keeping the wort moving during this hopping phase. Since it's not physically rolling around in the boil, the mechanical movement helps to better extract the oils from the plant material.

A quick word about competitor products. Bobby, the owner of BrewHardware has been an active brewer for over 15 years and he's also an engineer. He doesn't just copy other products and rebrand them but prototypes and tests them for actual real world efficacy in brewing applications. Every one of the whirlpooling products sold here are effective at stirring. You will find quite a few product variations but it's only to deal with different customer situations. Here is a brief summary of the variations. You can click on the links to read more and order that specific version.

SPINCYCLE: This version has a built in bulkhead that requires a hole drilled to 13/16" somewhere in the upper side wall of your kettle. This version has a welded "drop tube" that brings the liquid flow below the liquid level of the kettle. This unit does NOT require an exterior ball valve since the port is above the liquid line at all times.

SPINCYCLE SUBMERGE This version is essentially the original Spincycle product above but without the welded drop tube. It also acts as it's own bulkhead but it will be installed in a drilled 13/16" hole BELOW the liquid level (somewhere between 2" off the bottom and up to 2" below the lowest planned liquid level). This product requires a ball valve on the outside of the pot.

SPINCYCLE SHORTY - This is a modified version that is meant to thread in to a female NPT welded port below the liquid line. It does NOT have a built in weldless bulkheads.

SPINCYCLE OVERBOARD - If you want to add a whirlpool return but you don't want to drill any new holes (or don't have existing ones). This one clamps over the top edge of the kettle.

Customer testing

2-piece (2pc) Ball Valve, 1/2" NPT, F/F Premium 3-piece (3pc) Ball Valve, 1/2" F/F NPT Camlock Quick Disconnects - Cam F Quick Disconnects (BLQD) Type F - MQD x MNPT
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2-piece (2pc) Ball Valve, 1/2" NPT, F/F Premium 3-piece (3pc) Ball Valve, 1/2" F/F NPT Camlock Quick Disconnects  - Cam F Quick Disconnects (BLQD) Type F - MQD x MNPT

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5 of 5 Nice recirculating port! October 5, 2022
Reviewer: Gregory Stephens from Savannah, GA United States  
I needed a lower profile port that would not hit my brew-in-a-basket and let it raise and lower into my kettle without hitting it. Works great, nice spinning whirlpool is created. Made very well, probably last forever!

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5 of 5 True Weldless Is The Only Way to Go December 21, 2021
Reviewer: The Mot Brewer from FRANKLIN, TN United States  
Love the true weldless line of products. I will not buy anything else.

Take your time and go slow and careful on drilling the correct size hole on you kettle. Get rid of the burrs. Makes a tight and dry fit first time.

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5 of 5 Here’s hoping January 5, 2021
Reviewer: Bob McRae from Reidsville, NC United States  
I’m tired of stirring when cooling the wort. Had a plugged hole in the BK already so this is the answer.

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5 of 5 Works as expected August 10, 2020
Reviewer: Valentin Espinosa from Katy, TX United States  
Great whirlpool originator

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5 of 5 Great Product May 18, 2020
Reviewer: Kyle B. from PA  
Nice low profile addition to keggle. Gives a nice whirlpool using an MKII pump with 8 gallons in the keggle [whirlpool installed at 3 gallon mark]

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